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Kevin Samuels video review: “You’re the best medium”

This was a lot of fun watching because in this video, “You’re Average at Best,” Kevin interviews a woman live in front of the camera and the boy at school.

Kevin is an image consultant and creator of YouTube with a wide range of topics, from men’s fashion to personal improvement and the creation of relationships between men and women.

Let’s go directly …

I’m sorry, ma’am, but “it’s normal at best”

The subject of her life is supposed to be the “day of disagreement” for people who disagree with him and this lady calls with a personal question.

In other words, instead of paying for a private session, try stealing your podcast for a gift.

And he lets you do that so he can use it as a “teaching lesson.”

Ooh la la!

So she owns a small business and wants to know when to reveal it to a man she’s dating.

He literally said that, comrades: “When I get out …” and keeps saying, “I want to give a chance to guys who aren’t at my level …”

Wow, right?

To be fair, even though she seems to have a condescending attitude, she doesn’t look like a bitter Karen.

“Do you have a date?”

I am totally in favor of self-esteem and being a person of great value, male or female, but there is an unjustified level of arrogance.

Kevin cuts her off saying, “Wait here, what do you mean by ‘not at your level?'”

And I’m thinking, “Zactly!”

So she responds by saying she wants a man to make six figures or more.

Kevin is direct but respectful. He says, “The men you want don’t ask you out.”

Then deliver this doozy …

Basically, women will consider these guys who think they are below them and then want to know how to fix them.

But, “Why can’t you get a guy at your level?”


It reminds him why he came to a program that was not about the scheduled topic.

He says, “That’s selfish.”

I agree!

But she wants what she wants and she doesn’t care what it means to others.

She apologizes. I will give you that credit.

Even though he’s on a live show, it would look really bad if he didn’t. But I will still give her credit because a real Karen would have strayed.

He is 35 years old and his previous relationship lasted a year.

Kevin asks him why he wants “a six-figure boy” and I have to say I respect his answer.

She basically says she’s been in business for nine years and has ambition and self-development and wants the same as her husband.

It’s not just about income, though it’s certainly part of it and that doesn’t necessarily make a woman a gold digger.


A gold digger wants the fruits of your labor.

This lady wants to share the fruits of her labor with those of a man who has also worked to succeed.

Listen to me and then we’ll see what Kevin thinks, he has a brilliant answer.

My thoughts

If a woman is doing a bank, she has a certain lifestyle to which she is accustomed and if her partner is not financially able to live next to her in this lifestyle, she will have to adjust her standards or lead her.


If he likes five-star resorts (and can afford them) and he has a motel budget of 6, he’ll have to make a difference.

This means that it will have to be sacrificed elsewhere.

“Yeah, but Anna, women do this to men all the time!”

Yes, you are right!

Men have been facing women for a long time, and if that bothers you, you shouldn’t.

But what often happens in the situation of a woman with more financial resources is that a man feels less masculine.

Whether it’s nature or education, this is still a reality, except for some of the Z generation and tough feminists, whether men or women.

You may not want to take the financial burden.

Ultimately, this situation is often reduced to a difference in values.

So, back to Kevin.

She asks him how many men are in the six-figure category and she thinks maybe 5%.

He says it’s more like 10%, but here’s the kicker …

He says, “So all women want 10%, but what do these men want?”


I 100% agree!

That’s why I spend so much time trying to give you tips on how to be the kind of man that all women want.

If you’ve watched my channel for a while or done my WakeUP2Luv program, you’ll know that finances are just a metric that women are looking for and it’s not always about how much you earn or earn.

It’s about the financial security you feel with yourself, including financial ingenuity and responsibility.

Okay, let’s get back to your conversation.

So he answers the question of what 10% of men want, which he says is basically appearance and brain.

He then asks her if she wants to get married or have children.

She reveals that she wants to get married and have children and that she already has a 13-year-old son.

Kevin says, “Men who earn the money you want have options and usually don’t want the kind of women they have [kids]. ”

I agree.

It is rare for a man who makes a bank to write on his must-have list: single mother.

Now she does say she wants to improve, so she’s fine, and she feels like she has a lot to offer these kinds of men.

She could, but these men still have many more options than she does.

Men don’t give as much value to a woman doing a bank as women do to men. Men value other qualities more.

Back to Kevin …

Kevin reminds him, “I can’t change men. I’m not a miracle worker. You want them, they don’t want you.”

#love hard

She keeps talking about how she’s been working on herself.

Essentially, it is not understood that his value is not as high as he thinks it is for the kind of man he wants.

Kevin asks again, “Why would a man who is in the top 10% want a woman with a child and his incomplete father in the picture?”

He goes on to say, “If you had a child earning that kind of money, would you want him to come home with a woman with a 13-year-old son when he could have a younger woman without children?”

But she continues to argue about its value. He has a serious cognitive dissonance on the subject because he does not want to face reality.

On a side note!

I know a successful, hardworking single mother who met a six-figure boy when her son was 16 and they are still together three years later, but she treats him like a king and doesn’t act like the woman in this video.

Kevin says, “You should wish the best for your child.”

Of course, she believes that is the exception to the rule.

She says, “All women feel like you’re the exception to the rule.”

I have to say he is direct but respectful and I also give him credit for receiving his comments without getting excited.

Then he says 20-year-old women are not attracted to 45-year-olds.

He says, “Shit.”

I say, “I agree.”

Many are! And independently, men in the 10% category can get attractive, successful women between the ages of 30 and 40 without children.

Hard truths, I know.

Kevin says, “He’s 51 and he can’t beat them with a stick.”

She asks herself to value herself without using 7.

It is honest and is rated between 5 and 6.

I must say that it is guiding you on the path to the right to enlightenment!

So, I come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun. Here she is, a normal-looking single mother who wants the top 10% of men, who can basically have whoever they want.

He doesn’t understand because he doesn’t like the answer.

Kevin says, “You can’t qualify for a … women like you die alone. You think you’re better than the men you qualify for.”

Microphone drop!

Gentlemen, the good news is that your options are expanding as you get older and older.

If you want to know which areas to improve and why to start without committing, you need to get my WakeUP2Luv program.

Back to interview …

At this point, he gets very distracted with his phone, which is totally rude, but he ignores it.

He says, “Average people have average people.”

He asks her what she thinks she has to offer.

She lists a few things: helping her with her business, self-improvement, gardening, none of which are things of the kind of men she wants to put a lot of value on, which she tells him.

I agree.

So she asks him what the men want and he tells her to book a session and then the call ends.

It took 20 minutes to reach this point.

Hopefully, she will do some homework on what men really want and work to offer her what she can and adjust her standards when she is not short.

Focus on yourself!

Again, comrades, if you want to have the best chance of getting the best woman, ask yourself what kind of woman you want.

If you’re not sure, get my WakeUP2Luv program!

She will help you become the kind of man she wants without compromising who you are.

Warning: There are many homework assignments, both at home and in the real world, many of which will take you out of your comfort zone.

But it comes with a step-by-step plan that makes it easy to be brave, overcome procrastination and fear, and take action where needed.

What do you want your relationship to be like in six months or a year?

Do you want to be where you are now?

How about five years from now?

If not, I encourage you to get my program and get the job done.

You can watch all the videos on how to get a great girl, but if you don’t start doing specific actions, you won’t get a great girl … or even if you’re watching all my videos, it will take much longer. of what is needed.

Get my WakeUP2Luv program today.

Nothing changes if you don’t change something.

More information and some reviews here.

You have that! God bless them.

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