Your situation is NOT special or unique …

I get a lot of emails asking for this:

“Carlos, my situation is SPECIAL. Will your stuff help me?”

And I also have a lot of women who ask me:

“Carlos, do you have a program for married / divorced / widowed / under 30 / over 30, etc.?”

I wanted to take a moment to answer this and take the opportunity to give you a very valuable insight into your situation that will help you …

– Regardless of the current situation.

They both have very similar answers …

So let’s start with the question of how I have a program for your situation: single, new relationship, old relationship, married, whatever.

The truth is do not care what do you think is your state with him. You will still use the same strategies. No changes.

Yes, you got me right.

I created my own programs to deal with them ALL relationships: new, old, committed, terrifying, whatever.

“But Carlos! It’s probably different if …”


You see, that’s part of the problem I have with most (if not all) of the women I train directly.

Women will act one way a ACHIEVE a man, and another when they think they have managed to close it.

At first she is calm and is at her best to cast her love spell.

But once she thinks she’s caught her boyfriend, she becomes “more jealous, insecure, and focused on getting a ring instead of getting HE. “(These are all words that men have used to explain this phenomenon to me, by the way …)

We now address the first email I receive all the time:

“My situation is special … Will your things work for me?”

I really know you to want believe your situation is unique, but take it from a guy who reads about 200 “unique” email situations a week …

That it is not.

(Even when you’re still married to someone else, or he’s still married to someone else … yes, I understand that situation too.)

We to want believing that our situation is different, for sure. Sometimes we NEED believing that we are an exception to the rule. I have to be special because “I’ve tried everything” (noyou I don’t have it) and I still can’t get it to X … or Y … or Z.

Actually, when we try to make our situation “special”, we are just trying to find an excuse for NO do what we know we need to do.

After all, if your situation is SPECIALThat means nothing more it will work for you out there, even if you haven’t used anything.

In short, let me save you time, energy and discomfort. I’ve been doing this for longer than you think, and I haven’t seen a single “special case” yet.

Yes, some little things it will change if you’ve been with a man for 30 years or so … but not much. You will be more intimately familiar, for sure.


– You YET you need to know how to do it make me respect you …

– You YET you need to know what men need in a relationship …

– You YET you need to know how to keep him interested …

Lots of small changes just because you’ve been together X number of years. Your needs remain the same!

In fact, When you presume that things change and then you change your behavior, you’re actually scaring a lot of guys. You are showing him that you are doing it one thing to get him to fall in love with you, and after believing that you have “caught” him you change into another.

What a message THIS send a man?

You will feel cheated …


And I don’t want you to lose your relationship with him for a misunderstanding!

Because WORTH IT – and you DESERVE to be happy.

I’m a boy, so get me out of here …

  • You deserve to be DEAR, WORSHIPED AND WORSHIPED.
  • You deserve one WE SPECIAL that will never let a smile come out of your face, nor will it disappoint you …
  • You deserve someone to call you at random just because you missed hearing your voice …
  • You really deserve someone TAKE CARE about you – who YOU FEEL lucky to have someone like you by your side.
  • You deserve these special surprises for dinner, beautiful flowers, random warm kisses, surprise hugs and late night phone calls …
  • You deserve the guy to cheer you up when you feel down and you will believe in yourself when no one else would …

In fact, you deserve yours End of FAIRY TALE – because you, dear, are totally worth a million different ways!

So I urge you. Don’t postpone yours HAPPINESS one more second …

Click on the link below to get your love life SECURITY … and MANAGED!

Don’t expect another minute that will only be “fixed.”

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Yours in Perfect Passion …

– Carles

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