Your husband will love flirty texts

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Was it the star of your dreams last night? Let him know by sending him good morning messages so that your day can start well!

Whether you’re looking for good morning text ideas for your boyfriend or your husband, your husband will love to know what’s on your mind, and sending funny, flirty good morning messages is a great way to make sure you are in their care. ment aaaaa all day; besides, who doesn’t like a flirtatious good morning message?

Show your husband a little love and affection with these flirtatious good morning messages for him!

Funny good morning messages for your boyfriend

1. Good morning to the sweetest man I know!

2. I hope you had a good night’s sleep, later you will need it for what I have planned for us!

3. Last night you thought of yourself because I dreamed of you all night. It’s still not as good as the actual deal; good morning, see you later!

4. Good morning, I hope your coffee is as hot as you … In fact, maybe a little less, I don’t want you to get burned ?

5. Good morning to the man of my dreams … literally, you were the star of my dreams last night, I’ll tell you everything later!

6. Good morning! Definitely good for me because I am so excited about our date tonight!

7. Good morning, we hope you and your beautiful ass have a great day!

8. Good morning, beautiful. I woke up with a smile just thinking of you.

9. Good morning! I hope you have a great day!

10. I love waking up knowing you are my boyfriend. It’s a great morning for me here, and you?

11. Good morning, I hope you woke up as happy for yesterday as I did!

12. Good morning, girl. I hope my morning coffee tastes as strong and sweet as you!

13. Good days are always good for me when I know we’ll see each other later.

14. Good morning to the coolest man ever … I hope it starts well today!

15. I’m already thinking about you, it will be a long day until I finally see you tonight!

16. I wake up and you are the first thought I have in my head. I’m fine with that! Good morning <3

17. Good morning to the person who makes me smile every day!

18. I hope you have a good day there XOXOXO

19. It’s always a good morning for me when we see you later to wait.

20. Good morning, today I will think of you!

21. Good morning to the friendliest guy ever, I can’t wait to hang out later <3

22. You were in my dreams last night and it was great … I didn’t even have to miss you in my sleep!

23. I hope your morning coffee is as strong and sweet as you …

24. Good morning handsome, you were the first thing that came to my mind this morning and I don’t care!

25. Good morning to the sweetest man I’ve ever met … I hope you had sweet dreams last night!

26. Good morning Lord, we hope you feel refreshed and ready for our date tonight!

27. Good morning to my sweet and sexy and always wonderful boyfriend!

28. Good morning is all I’ve had since we started dating and I just want to tell you how happy I am with you. I hope you return the favor!

Hot and heavy good morning texts

Man lying in bed smiling as he reads good morning messages to him

29. Good morning, girl! I hope your coffee is as magical as you were last night …

30. Good morning … wait until I tell you what you did to me in my dreams last night!

31. It’s absolutely a great morning for me! You will never believe what we did in my dreams last night!

32. Good morning, girl … ooooooh I can’t wait until I put you in my hands tonight !!!

33. I literally woke up this morning looking forward to you. It’s not a joke. Tonight I will devour you …

34. Good morning and I hope your dreams were as … umm … exciting as mine LOL!

35. I must have the courage to tell you the kind of wild things we were doing in my dreams last night! Good morning, really.

36. Good morning is a gift to me after having the kind of spicy dreams I had about you last night! Super hot, girl!

37. Good morning to the hottest guy I know … I can’t wait to be with you later.

38. Good morning! It would be an even better morning if you were here so I could show you a little bit of what we were doing in my dreams last night …

39. I think I blushed just seeing your name on my phone … I’ll tell you about the naughty journeys we made in my dreams last night when I see you later. Ugh! HEAT.

40. Good morning! Just for your eyes … (wait a minute before sending her a sleeping picture and still in bed, wishing her a good day. She’ll love the sexy teasing to start her day!)

41. Okay, I know I slept well because I dreamed of very X dreams about you, but I woke up with my heart pounding with emotion! I can’t wait to see you tonight!

42. Good morning, I would like to live my dreams with you … my very naughty dreams from last night!

43. Good morning to the man so hot, my sleeping brain makes me dream of you all kinds of hot and heavy dreams!

44. I woke up this morning right away thinking about last night … it’s a really good morning for me here with my memories, I hope you have a good time too!

45. Good morning man who woke me up too late last night … and I can’t wait to do it all tonight again ?

46. ​​Good morning … you should be very proud of your performance last night … I’m still wobbling around here <3

47. Good morning to the man who makes me tremble in anticipation of his touch … come soon and do it a little more, k?

48. Good morning, beautiful. We look forward to repeating it last night!

49. Good morning to the man who makes me very excited to be bad with him …

50. Good morning? After last night, this is a great morning and I am ready to repeat!

51. Good morning to the man who had me very hot and upset last night … and I hope he does it again tonight ?

Good morning sweet texts for your husband

Man smiling at his office while reading sweet good morning texts to husbands

52. Good morning to the man who has been my number 1 since

53. Good morning to the hottest husband around!

54. Good morning, my husband. I hope you slept well!

55. I hope you are having a great day, dear, good morning!

56. Even after all these years, you are still the man of my dreams! Good morning, girl.

57. Good morning to the man who shames all other husbands!

58. I’m lucky to wake up with a husband like you and I don’t know!

59. Good morning, I hope you have a day like yours … absolutely wonderful!

60. Good morning to the best husband a person could ask for!

61. It is always a good morning for me when I wake up and I am still yours and you are still mine <3

62. Good morning to the man who still has it, even after all these years!

63. Good morning, my love. Last night I had a naughty dream with you! I can’t wait to tell you tonight

64. Good morning, dear, today I think of you!

65. I woke up thinking I was lucky to have a man who ages like good wine … Delicious!]

66. Good morning to the man who keeps driving me crazy in every best way!

67. Good morning my favorite boy, I hope your morning goes well so far.

68. Good morning! I love you, my big, strong and sexy boy <3

69. I am a lucky woman to sleep by your side every night. I hope you have a good day, girl.

70. Good morning, my love! Last night you wore me out in the best ways … thanks ?

71. Good morning to the sweetest husband ever! I have plans for us later, k?

72. Good morning, my sweet husband! Let me get you out later? I want to show my handsome husband a little.

73. Good morning to the man who has made sure that every morning is a good day from the day we got married!

74. Wake me up with a smile on my face from , thank you, my husband!

75. Good morning to the coolest husband ever! Trust me, I’m an expert, because I actually have the coolest husband ever, so …

76. Good morning to the man I somehow love more and more every day.

77. It’s always a good day when I wake up by your side … I hope you have a great day!

78. Good morning, my love! I hope your coffee is as beautiful as you make me feel every day <3

Sending sweet text messages to your man is always fun, and while sending nice good night messages means he’ll fall asleep thinking of you, sending funny, flirty good morning messages means you’ll be in his head all day long. !

Sending text messages all day long is a great way to stay connected even when you’re not together. Remind your husband that he is always in your mind by sending him a nice good morning message while you dare to break up!

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