Year End Wrap Up and a Friendly Game of “Would You Rather?” | TALK. LISTEN. CHANGE. Episode #77

Live a Happier Single Life

The suprising way to increase happiness and romance in your life is to stop looking for a partner, and start creating adventure. This can be your best year yet.

Dating Sabotage – Six Attitudes that Will Keep You Single and How to Turn Things Around

This is a New Year’s reality check for relationship seekers. Many clients start conversations with me by emphatically stating what they WILL NOT DO. Okay, I understand. There are some dating avenues that you don’t like, but what are you willing to do? This article addresses negativity about dating – to open your mind, your heart and your eyes to the possibilities! I always say “People fall in love every day.” and 99.99%, of those people have actively pursued it.

Singles’ Party in This Valentine’s Season

Stop blaming your stars for being single on this Valentine’s day. There are many people around you for whom you are the lucky buddy and you are indispensable in their lives. There are many singles in this world and being single does not mean being misanthropic and hating Valentine’s day. There are many ways and plans for you to celebrate this Valentine’s day and make it a special and an unforgettable one.

American Geisha Offers the Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Single Women

Ask yourself: what do you want most in my life? What I found in my research, and what it was certainly true for myself was that most women want both love and marriage more than anything else in their lives. If this true for you, then I suggest the following top five resolutions.

The 2007 Top Ten American Geisha Secrets for Single Women to Get Married

Do you want to get married in 2007? Py Kim Conant, the author of “Sex Secrets of an American Geisha: How to Attract, Satisfy, and Keep Your Man,” offers The 2007 Top Ten American Geisha Secrets for Single Women to Get Married.

Staying Busy When You Are Single

Living the single life style can be fun and full of adventure. Single to many people means many different things. In this article it will show you many positive ways to live the single lifestyle.

Some Sound Advice for Dating Single Parent

Many people end up in a dating single parent situation because of the steady increase in marriage break ups. Stepparents and step siblings are the fastest growing group on the planet as a result of these marital problems. A dating single parent can often find it difficult to have a social life because of his or her children.

Love and Dating Tips for Single Moms – Can You Really Do It?

As a single mother, you know there are some common questions about dating for single moms. Here we discuss two of the most popular questions that people wonder about…

Holiday Survival Guide for Singles – 5 Ways to Enjoy the Season

Are you single and worried about surviving the holiday season solo? Not to worry because now, being single is actually in vogue! Discover five ways to ensure your holidays are enjoyable and celebrate Single-Style.

Practical Advice for Single Parents Who Wish to Date Again

The issues in front of a single parent are far from encouraging. It is not only an arduous task to fend for the child all by yourself but the trauma and memories of the past haunt like a nightmare. And dating definitely is not in the agenda or may not even feature in the priority list.

Why Am I Still Single?

Do you wonder why everyone else seems to be happily in love while you are not? Read the surprising and enlightening insights of the Love Coach on what’s keeping your true love away.

How American Christian Singles Can Find The Relationship They Are Looking For

American Christian singles face an interesting challenge in today’s dating market. How can a Christian single compete for the attention of a desirable woman and still maintain his Christian values?

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