XMatch Review [2022]: Is XMatch the BEST site for connections?

CGiven that porn is increasingly socially acceptable, as countless sex therapists and experts recommend it for couples and singles who explore their sexuality, it makes sense for dating sites to appear that mimic porn. Although XMatch is not new, it has been around since 1996, this Australian company is one of the few that relies primarily on video. This allows users of any site to be transmitted in all kinds of sexual situations alone or with their partners, inviting voyeurism at its best. While we believe that enjoying sex by all means is an important part of health and happiness, it is worth mentioning that XMatch does not always receive favorable reviews from users who want to connect with someone in person for an adventure. trying to think about it. place as a place to see and masturbate, instead of having a date, per se. If this seems closer than meeting for a one night stand, it could be an avenue that suits your interests and intrigue. Here’s what you need to know about this NSFW website and how to connect and activate it as soon as possible:

How to sign up for Xmatch

Make sure you have privacy, and hey, a little time alone, because once you open this Pandora’s box with x-rated material, you’ll find it hard to focus on anything else. It only takes a second to join, as you only need to fill out basic information: who you are, what you’re looking for, your country, state, zip code, and birthday. It’s important to keep in mind that couples can come together if they’re looking for a foray into the swinger lifestyle, which is an interesting differentiator for XMatch. You will then be asked to include an email and password before you finish adding your body type, orientation, race, marital status and, as with all Friend Finder-like websites, your title. Think of it as what will attract users, as well as write click-through headlines: whether you like loot games or threesomes, this is where you get it.

This is! From here, you can browse profiles and find out who’s online and in your area, but it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t interact with anyone or view full images or videos until you upgrade to a subscription. This can be a big misfortune for those who aren’t sure if they’re ready for the commitment, but with a variety of pricing, based on interactions and usage, you might find something reasonable with your budget. . Of course, you can also cancel at any time.

What to expect with XMatch

Curiosity brings out the best in your cat, and in your libdio, when you’re thinking about joining XMatch. As with any adult-focused website, being a member has great advantages as well as some drawbacks. Here’s an idea of ​​what to expect when you join this point as vaporous.

Pro: You can only observe.

With an enhanced subscription, you can watch endless hours of live webcams on XMatch. This allows you to choose what you want to experience, without participating too much yourself. The site itself is created for voyeurs who can search for “New matches”, “Members near me”, “Who’s online” and “VIP”, if you pay the cost. With this, you can literally enjoy someone masturbating, a couple having sex in front of the camera, oral sex between two people or simulated with a dildo and many other erotic acts. We find this an advantage if you are looking for something other than porn to satisfy you, without having to reveal personal information, or ahem, your face.

Pro: You can have virtual sex. Literally.

So, are you more of a practical person? Well, you’re in luck. With XMatch, you can follow the opposite way of watching the slow motion and dive straight into it. This is called “Live Action” where you can not only see model cameras, live member cameras and other videos, but you can also create your own in real time. This is a unique part of XMatch, compared to its competitors or sister sites, and something that makes the experience global. For those who are willing to go one step further, you can pay for the “Connection” feature that requires you to purchase a sex toy, download a Flash player, and connect the toy to your computer. You can think of choosing a model and she will synchronize, in motion, with you, so that you feel her movement and she yours. It’s like having sex and it will definitely make your rocks fall.

Pro: All twists are welcome.

In fact, 31 guys! While there are hundreds under the umbrella of fetishes, XMatch recognizes that not everyone belongs in the category of a fantasy that suits everyone and allows users to search for and relate to others who share their interests. These include, but are not limited to, bondage, dirty talk, banging, multiple dating, and more. You can appreciate the importance of this particular act or desire for you, from “I can’t live without me” to “I’m curious about it.” For those who aren’t quite sure how to interact with someone in real life based on their twist, this may be a safe and welcome place to practice.

With: No need to interact.

Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. The ability to sit, watch and enjoy is an advantage, of course, but it can also be frustrating for members who don’t want to just sit behind a computer screen. XMatch doesn’t have the five-star approval stamp for creating in-person matches, and that’s a shame for people who want in-person sex without any commitment. If you’re constantly broadcasting yourself and your body, but only receive video and text chats in return, you may quickly become bored of the site.

With: You have to pay, and it’s confusing.

No matter what you want to do in XMatch, it will cost you. And unfortunately, it’s not always easy to understand exactly what you’re paying for and how long you’ll have to pay in cash. When we joined, we found the site navigation confusing, which made us wary of giving away our credit card without understanding exactly what we were receiving in return. Not everyone has an unlimited budget for digital gaming, and XMatch doesn’t offer a compelling reason to abandon change.

With: I find it strangely familiar.

Because XMatch is part of the Adult Friend Finder and Friend Finder X communities, you’ll see many of the same members in all three domains. (And others, given that the Australian company has a few.) If you’re already one of these top rated connection sites, we suggest you think twice before joining XMatch. It is one of the lowest in its category and you can find the chance to meet another person in person.

What users are saying

Well, not everything is pretty, but there are some silver linings. Here, real users share their input on the XMatch experience and all of its bells and whistles, whips, and strings:

“I tried the XMatch connection site and after 2 weeks I’m disappointed. It may have good features and it looks very nice, but I don’t think I’ve ever sent messages to anyone that was real. Everyone was just asking for money and I had already paid XMatch for a subscription. Too much in my opinion. “

“We spent a lot of time on xMatch.com and sent 480 emails during the time we spent there. We only received 12 replies. Considering how many reviews and comparisons xMatch we had read before trying it out, it was great disappointment “.

“I used the site for a whole month. I set up a dating profile, sent countless messages to almost every woman nearby. I received responses from a total of 3 women. None of whom were really interested in meeting me. nobody (I don’t see why they even bother to register if that’s the case.) Besides, they had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned something that only the people here knew. instantly become skeptical. Even those who did respond weren’t really local. Sad. “

Tips for Success in XMatch

If you want to give XMatch a try, there are some ways to prepare for better matches and messages, as well as video chats that really help you. Here are a few to put into practice:


This is obvious, regardless of where you are dating or connecting. If you’re just waiting for people to come to you or participate in a video chat, you’ll only find scammers, not real value interactions. Take the time to set up your profile, consider what you’re really looking for, and consider. While you may not get dazzling and punctuated responses right away, over time, you might be vibrating with someone sexy.

Protect your identity.

Because some XMatch reviews include making your site feel like a scam, never give out personal information, such as your credit card or ID number, to anyone you don’t know. While this is unlikely to happen, it is always best to be careful when it comes to a site that is not as reliable as others on the market. Once you know someone in person and start seeing them, you can decide what information is appropriate to share, but never post it online or in a message or video chat.

Let go of your inhibitions.

Hey, it’s called XMatch for a reason. It’s not meant to flirt that could lead to a relationship or coincidence depending on the ice cream flavors you have in common. The point is to really push your limits, inhibit yourself and have fun. If not, what is the point? Try not to judge yourself, others or the process, and stay where your fantasies take you.

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