Would you choose your career or love?

Would you choose your career or would you choose love?66 185x300 Would you choose your career or love?

In our day and age, women are now looking for college degrees, and NO just a “Mrs.” degree. Women now have options and often choose a career.

You’re teaming up (not “competing”) with the workforce men.

Professional life is in high level. Career women are focused, driven and goal oriented.

Nothing can get them to get what they want, until they fall in love.

If you are a career woman, you can relate completely. You are used to it all decisionsafter nothing, you fell in love and all the logic goes out the window.

What he wants is to traditional woman – that means, you have to give up your career, be a woman who stays at home. Take care of the kids and just absolutely focused to the needs of your family.

And according to a recent Pew Research Center study, in a population of 2,500 men, 37% believe mothers should stay home and 41% say part-time work for women is a healthy commitment. . This is one full 78% that we feel very much your importance as a mother.

We all know that part-time work doesn’t give you that advantage to climb the corporate ladder.

It is a very difficult choice …!

Logic can tell you that you choose CAREER, especially when you have done so worked so hard to get to where you are right now. And maybe your mother, or both parents, raised you jump to the workforce.

Emotions will push you to LOVE because he is the ONE – and this guy it doesn’t come often.

63 Would you choose your career or love?

Here are some thoughts that we hope can help you in your own decision making.

1) What is your ultimate goal?

Think with the ending in mind. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

Making dinner? Take care of him?

Or do you see yourself as the CEO or COO of a company? Take charge, * possibly * alone, and do absolutely anything you enjoy doing, without be tied to responsibilities and commitments?

2) What makes you happy?

After imagining your ultimate goal, what makes you feel the happiest?

If one of the choices makes you feel bad or you feel like running away, then so do you to know which to choose.

3) Consider your age

It is a fact that at a young age you are ambitious and motivated. But if you grow up, your passion for life could change.

Accept the fact that as the years go by, you get older. Are you okay with being alone?

Or do you want to start a family?

64 Would you choose your career or love?

Just remember that LIFE IS SHORT and the years go by so fast. The important thing is that you are HAPPY and live life without regrets or “yes”.

Any option is valid for you, but you have to enter with TWO eyes open.

There is a common message in today’s society that makes us think we can have it all.

NO. You can not!

Some things in life will be mutually exclusive. A woman’s ability to have a child is on a limited timeline.

You can better see the big picture if you fully understand your options. You can see them in the future.

And you can stick to the choice you did – understanding that there is NO right and wrong decision here. You are only presented with the opportunity to choose.

Whatever you decide, you can be as happy as you decide. Something we often lose sight of when the pressures of the world build up.

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Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/27/2021

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