Worried that it might be GAY?

Some women have a relationship with a guy and are worried that he might be gay.

Today I have an interesting situation: a guy who looks like as if he liked it, but … maybe yes month to him.

What do you think?

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Hi Carlos, It’s been great working with you Forever Yours Program -I am learning a lot and having the courage to change things in my life!

I’m in one difficult situationplease let me know.

I fell in love with a partner who lives abroad, who is very successful. We are both performers. We did our best to collaborate as soon as we could, and we only spent 2 weeks together on 2 projects in Europe and planning more in the coming months.

After a lot of interest and support from abroad, he was flirting a lot with me in person, but in the end Nothing really happened in the physical realm, not even a kiss. He also continually commented that we need to talk and asked me to extend my trip by two days for this reason, but even with the extra time, we never talked about any personal issues, we just set a lot of plans for future work.

Everyone who experienced our joint performance and saw us together thought that there was electricity flowing through us and that our voices sound like one, it was amazing, we opened a lot of doors in people’s hearts.

At the same time, he has shared with me a lot of intimate personal history, I have done the same, and obviously we have one strong connection between us, with the deepening of trust.

There are two major complications:

After being heterosexual until the age of 24 or so, he has been related to men for the past 7-8 years, albeit modestly; he told me he doesn’t mind being with women, but it hasn’t happened since.

I myself am in one BTN relationship, I believe; with a great man in general, but I have completely fallen in love, as he is very unhappy with the way he has chosen to make money and does not take into account what he is passionate about: music. We also have a sunny 3.5 year old son, for whom I would love to offer an environment full of genuine love, joy and intimacy, which I want to experience myself.

I would like more clarity on whether she is interested in me as a woman and having a relationship with me.

From Always yours I understand you should probably give it some space and step back right now, as it looks like you’re afraid to move forward, even start looking. other people, or maybe give another chance to reconnect with my current partner: he sees that we are about to separate and finally willing to make an effort by his side as well; I am still with my partner.

What should I do ??!

Please provide your expert advice!

With deep gratitude,

– Vicky

Vicky, I have to say you have one interesting situation.

Unfortunately, there is also a Chinese curse that says: “Have an interesting time.”

jo do not do it I think you’re cursed, anyway, but I understand you confusion i frustration about this man.

I have a big concern about this guy that you should probably focus a little more on. You said this: “has been related to men in the last 7-8 years “and that” he told me he didn’t mind being with women. “Wait, Vicky … The truth is – I think he’s gay. Not really bisexual either. Gay.


Any man with a longing for women would not express it as weakly as: “He doesn’t mind being with women.”

A man with a strong sexual desire for a woman would never describe it in these terms, however paraphrased it may be.

how average guys get hot women.  Worried that it might be GAY?

When I think of women, and I’m a typical guy, I get fired up “YES BABY! GIVE US A PART!”

You would May listening to someone describe something they are passionate about as “unopposed.” It’s like I’m saying I am does not oppose to a very good meal.

I think he describes himself as a “lightly praised convict.”

I think it has been shown in studies that women are much more open to fun and romance between people of the same sex as men, so you may have a more liberal mind about their interest in boys.

But if you’ve only been with guys for 7-8 years, this is one great track right there it is month in boys than boys.

It is also well known that it costs many men so much “to go out” that they will play to be bi when they are in reality just cheating.

Now, I might be off the mark on this, but this is mine intestinal sensation.

Especially when you said, “Nothing really happened in the physical realm, not even a kiss.”

If a boy wants it WILL give you a kiss.

We are not equipped with any magic resistance potion for women. If we want you, we will catch you and chase you.

It is literally THIS simple. To pretend that he has something else that keeps him in mind is to rationalize.

When it comes to romanceif there is no passion, that it is not satisfactory. To anyone. And of course, you deserve to have that passion with someone. I just don’t think it’s him.

What I think you have is passion acting togetherand you are well equipped there. You’re creating a passion in your acting, and that’s * confiding * as a romantic possibility.

Now if you really want to see if there is anything under The confusion and inaction of this guy, of course, will work with him so you have time to find out.

And yes, it is necessary go back completely of him if he will ever have the space to know if he really has feelings or not.

I just want to protect you of the very real possibility that this guy is not someone you are in love with. Love is never really one-way.

It is a complete circuit that requires the participation of both. What you have is a strong infatuation.

But you need to get that favor back for you to become true love.

Again, I hate being the guy who says, “Hey, go ahead …”

I wish there was a chance to make it work. If this happens, your coworker must have a very real passion. And that has nothing to do with talking, by the way. You should see ACTION.

Let me know how things are going. And in the meantime, keep your options open for a man who has real sexual passion and desire and is awakened by an intelligent and capable woman.

remember Love and passion do not need a rational conviction. It’s not something that takes effort just to get started. It’s there for you …

And here we hope she wakes up with him …

Yours in Perfect Passion,

– Carlos Cavallo

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UPDATED ON 9/24/2021

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