Worried about being a friend with benefits?

Worried about being in a relationship of friends with benefits? Or how to change it?

Today we have a question from a good woman who is experiencing the pain of not knowing what to do with the man in her life.

But do you really want a “friends with benefits” situation?

Read on and discover:
Question about dating and relationships – FROM A READER:

Carlos – I’m in a FWB (friends with benefit) situation.

We go out a lot and watch movies. We hug on the couch after sex …

He fixed the door of my truck and even carried the parts himself. He has done many things for me. She even brought some milk for my daughter !! She loves my 2 year old daughter and plays a lot with her, even jokes with her.

She even talks to me a lot about her mother-baby and how she still loves him and wants to get her back just because they have kids together and so she doesn’t have to keep paying for child support.

images5 Are you worried about being a friend with benefits?

He tells me he wants to solve it with her and at the same time she is at my job every day at least 3 times a day and she hangs out all night. Everyone says he’s still following me like a puppy …

He recently had a house and has stopped coming and has stopped spending time at my job.

We are having amazing great sex and I have slept a few times. He teases me a lot and has even opened up to me about a lot of different things.

He even let me shower at his house while he stayed in the bathroom and shaved.

My best friend tells me all the time that I like him and that he is interested in me. I tell him he keeps telling me he doesn’t want a girl like that he doesn’t want to have a relationship with no one.

My truck had recently broken down and I am now looking for a reliable car to buy from.

I even asked him to come one night and he said no, because I didn’t want a girlfriend, I replied that I didn’t want a boyfriend either, I even told him I guess that’s a goodbye because he was. t answered me and told me no, it was busy and it was at my door in a matter of seconds. I even told him a couple more times and he still says no and calls me because he wants to see me and more !!!

I don’t know what to think because that seems to me he never wants to lose me but at the same time it is distant. What should I do, I’m so confused …

– Maryanne

Maryanne, I think I see what’s going on here, and it’s something you can get lost in your situation.

I’ll tell you how this happened in a minute, so you can avoid this will never happen to you in the future.

But first, I want to tell you about quick story:

There was a guy who bought a really cool dolphin for a pet. I wanted a pet with him she could swim in the ocean.

He called the dolphin Tina, after his mother. Whenever she called the dolphin “Tina,” she was chirping with joy.

But when they went out to the ocean to swim, Tina didn’t stay with him and swam with him. He used the fish attract her backbut she continued to swim on her own.

Finally, one day, Tina swam and never came back.

The moral of the story? Dolphins are great, but they are terrible pets.

And they will do what dolphins do. Swim to be free.

Maryanne, your husband is basically not a good choice for a man. It’s not the great love of your life that you want it to be, and it’s even told you.

But don’t look at these signs with your head.

There are a few lessons you need to get out of your situation, and I want you to step back and really look at the signs:

images4 Are you worried about being a friend with benefits?

Lesson no. 1: Great sex is NOT the same as a relationship.

They are just two people who get into it and are sexually compatible. It has nothing to do with whether or not you are really compatible in a committed adult relationship or not.

This is a big shock to many people trying to create a relationship based on good sex. But the truth stands: you can be great at horizontal bop, but it has nothing to do with the compatibility of your relationship.

It is a bonusif you had everything else in place.

So how do I know this isn’t a relationship?

First track:

He told you Does not want have a girlfriend.

If a woman says she doesn’t want a boyfriend, it’s usually for completely different reason that a man. When one HOME he says, he’s probably telling you the truth.

He doesn’t want a girlfriend.

Second track?

Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! he wants to go back with her. (I assure you it’s not child support that makes him want to go back. He’ll support her when they’re together again, so she pays anyway.)

If you like it, it won’t take place for anyone else BUT you.

Look, I’m not saying these things to be nasty. They need to wake you up with the emotional dialogue you have in your head right now.

You are fighting for DO he seems right to you, a DO he is a guy you can invest in. If it’s true, you don’t have to push it in the direction you want it to go; he will only go there alone.

Oh, and there are still …

Lesson no. 2: His kindness to your child is not an indication that he is your soul mate.

He is only one compassionate couple.

Diadi, 90% of the boys you wouldn’t sleep with would probably buy milk from your daughter. Just because she’s a pretty girl.

Or they felt guilty about waking up and eating your Cheerios and drinking all your milk.

It’s just not the indication you’d like it to be: it’s a guy looking for a new wife and a new daughter to replace the old one.

To sum up, you are looking for meaning in all these little actions and indicators because you are trying STRENGTH a relationship to pass.

One of the most common problems in relationships is that one of the people who was there did not stop to really evaluate the person with their rational thinking before letting the heart escape with her.

And I think that’s the root of what happened here.

Your “confusion” it’s because you know in your head that this isn’t the right relationship for you.

But let your heart go with you, and now your emotions will not allow you to leave without a serious willpower.

And this willpower it just won’t happen as long as you try to make it happen when you know it won’t work for you.

You are also blocking the right man to enter your life … There is no place for Mr. Right when all you’re doing is dating Mr. Not Ready & Not Right.

The best way not to be confused is to confess that you are trying to date a guy who already has another relationship. You are only his intermediary.

Cut down the free benefits for him and you will see something amazing: or he will move on to the next “better than nothing”, in this case, a good delivery.

O …

He will do it suddenly wake up with you and your needs a little more.

Either way, you win. Even if it doesn’t look like it right now …

I’m crossing my fingers for you!

Yours in Perfect Passion,

– Carlos Cavallo

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UPDATED ON 9/24/2021

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