Woman’s brain vs. man’s brain as they apply to relationships


For some men, the ego plays an important role, so if you learn to deal with the male ego, you will be ready. It doesn’t take much to do that either, in fact, part of it comes down to common courtesy. When he does things for you, make sure you appreciate his effort. Even the smallest things for you, like taking out the trash or washing dishes after dinner, deserve some occasional compliment.

If you really want to caress your ego, be sure to tell her how much you appreciate her in the bedroom. Most good guys want to please you in bed, so let them know you’re reaching the mark, so to speak, even if their performance hasn’t quite matched. .

Woman’s brain vs. man’s brain and multitasking

In the world of the female brain versus the male brain, multitasking is very important. Women can cook dinner, feed a small child, help an older child with homework, and fold clothes at the same time.

Men are not capable of that. Not even close. In general, a man can’t do two things at once, and that includes listening and driving, listening to you and watching TV, or really … two things at a time.

It’s evolutionary and don’t get mad at me for saying that. Cave Woman Cathy and Cave Man Carl each played their part. Cave Woman Cathy was responsible for keeping the cave tidy, cooking the food that Cave Man Carl killed, and caring for the children. Cave man Carl had two jobs: to provide food for the family, and possibly to grow and protect his family.

Although evolution now makes women have so many, if not more powerful jobs than men, the power of a woman’s ability to do multiple tasks still exists and men still can’t.

Men exaggerate profusely

Men exaggerate, a lot. This goes back to the previous paragraphs on the ego. Although everyone exaggerates to some extent, a man will exaggerate many things at the beginning of a relationship. He will suggest that he earns more than he does and that he is a better tennis player.

He will say that there are few skeletons in his closet when the truth might be that the door is about to open from all the skeletons out there.

Summary of woman’s brain vs. man’s brain

All jokes aside, when it comes to the relationship between a woman’s brain and a man’s, there can be disappointing results. Relationships fail because neither understands how the other’s brain works. So we all assume that your brain works like mine and that is a big mistake.

This is not an article about you changing who you are. This is an article on how to understand the differences between men and women so that you can change how you act towards the men in your life. This will help them to better understand you and your intentions and prevent many arguments and disappointments.

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