Will Smith Chris Rock Drama

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first

Was the Will Smith Christ Rock drama created for viewing?

I don’t know, it doesn’t matter for the purpose of this post.

I’m just addressing it because it’s relevant to relationships.

Okay, you may have heard of the Will Smith drama Chris Rock when Will hit Chris on live TV at the Oscars.

If you didn’t, you can watch the clip to help put my words in perspective.

For the record, I have no strong feelings for either of them, and I can say that I like both of them. (Jada, not so much.)


Will Smith Chris Rock Drama Summary

Chris Rock made a joke referring to Jada and the movie GI Jane because Jada wears her head shaved.

At first, Will laughs along with the audience, but Jada seems angry.

(Which makes Jada look like a narcissist; she obviously expected Chris to know her condition.)


Cut to: Will goes up on stage and slaps Chris and then back in his seat.

Chris says it was a mild joke and Will insults him.

An astonished Chris continues with the show.

This is the short version. Watch the clip if you’re curious.


Here are my thoughts …

It turns out that Jada has alopecia, a disease of hair loss.

Land of Reality: It’s bigger for a woman to lose her hair than for a man.

Friends, you know I’m on your side, but that’s true.

If you already love your wife, you can probably accept her hair loss.

But if you are looking for love, a bald woman is not the first on your list.

In fact, it could be a blackout.


Most women do not discount men who are losing their hair.

I know women who prefer bald (or shaved) heads. #truth

The fact is that 75% of men will have some notable form of hair loss, while only about 10% of women experience it.

I can’t think of a comparable situation upside down.

Despite this!

I guess Chris didn’t know about Jada’s condition. If he did, the joke would have been in bad taste.

But so are many of the Oscars. That’s why they’re fun (unlike Amy Schumer and her awakened little trio).


A few days before Jada posted a video of how she loved her bald head.

Now, she may have been trying to convince herself as much as trying to be a role model, but still.

We should value you for your face (and hair) if you put it on, ma’am.

Was Will a Wuss?

May be.

Whipped pussy?

For sure.

Here’s why …

Not long ago Jada admitted to cheating on Will.

He didn’t leave her and they decided to fix it.

Okay, okay, that’s your deal. They have children, maybe that’s a factor. Maybe it’s love. (Maybe the toxicity is.)

Therefore, they have publicly stated that they now have an open marriage.

Again, if these are your values, I am not your judge. This is God’s work.

But Will says he is a Christian.

Therefore, if this is true, open marriages are not on the menu.

Do you really want an open marriage or are you compromising your values ​​for Jada?

I can’t say, but considering her actions, she’s obviously struggling to figure out how to be in her relationship with her.

Return to Slap

At first, Will laughed at Chris’ joke.

Sometimes, when we know a joke is coming, we laugh before the joke is mentally recorded.

But in this case, Will is a little slow in absorption or actually found the joke funny for a second.

A second before seeing Jada’s face, that is.

Now, if Will accepted Jada’s self-empowering attitude “I love my bald head,” maybe he really would have thought there was nothing wrong with Chris’ joke.

Men are not readers of the mind!

But it wasn’t until (supposedly, because he’s off camera) Will saw Jada’s reaction that he jumped to become his hero by slapping Chris.

I assure you Jada was angry with Will for laughing even for a second.

So are women. I’m not saying it’s a wonderful shot, definitely not!

But as one of my favorite podcasters often says, telling is not condoning.

Anyway, Will is exaggerating by slapping Chris on trying to make up for that initial laugh.

Will then received an Oscar and cried like a girl.

(Which is allowed, Oscar and crying, but a little shows you that he’s struggling with something.)

What should I have done …

As soon as he saw that his wife was upset, he should have stopped laughing and approached her with some gesture of affection in support.

It would even have been nice if he showed a contrite expression to laugh at Chris’ joke.

Then he could have looked at Chris to say, “It’s not great, brother.”

Then there would have been an understanding from Chris, I’m sure, but I didn’t really understand.giphy

And, if Chris had still said his joke was meek, then Will could have shook his head “no” and talked to Chris after the show …

Or if Will really needed to put on a show, for Jada or the Academy, he could have gone up there and whispered to Chris, “You have alopecia, man.”

Chris is not an idiot.

He would probably have said, “Oh, I’m sorry, man, I didn’t know …” and, “Jada, you’ll always be a beautiful woman” for her.

Imagine how different the situation would have been instead of what happened.

Some may think my suggested scenario is beta.

Not at all.

Only the Council

Just as you would like your wife to be loyal to you, she rightly expects the same, but …

It is how you handle situations like this that determines whether you will be respected by her and your peers.

If we look at the vast majority of comments on Will Smith’s drama Chris Rock, most support Chris, who didn’t slap him.

He behaved with grace and professionalism. Much sexier than a man who can’t control himself or overreacts after being caught not being loyal (laughs).

The problem of the will

Will is married to Jada.

She is no longer a feminist.


Do I need to continue?

But that’s what I think!

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