Why Tinder removed all my matches

If you’re reading this, you’re probably having trouble with Tinder because it looks like Tinder has deleted all your matches. The good news is that there is an easy solution and there is no reason to worry. If you’ve been wondering why Tinder deleted all my games, you’re in the right place.

We’ll also answer the question of how to restore matches to Tinder. We’ll cover pretty much everything about the disappearance of Tinder games. Now, of course, you can be unmatched, or your match could delete your account. This could be the reason why they do not appear in your games.

However, there is really nothing you can do about it, and this is probably the best thing to do. Instead, we’ll look at when the app crashes and you lose some or all of the matches. If you’re looking for a quick, dirty solution, sign out of Tinder and sign back in.

Deleting the app and downloading it again is also a good call, but not necessary. Whether you’re wondering why Tinder doesn’t show your matches, why your Tinder messages are missing, or how to retrieve them, we’ll show you exactly how.

Why did Tinder delete all my matches?

So why did Tinder remove all my matches? Well, the short answer is they didn’t. If your match has deleted your account or left you unlinked, what happened is just a mistake. Your matches are there, but to get them you have to essentially “restart” your application.

This is essentially just a technical error. It has nothing to do with Tinder other than that its application sometimes has technical difficulties. Restoring your Tinder matches is really easy. Just read the “How to restore matches on Tinder” section of the article and you’ll be back to work.

Why doesn’t Tinder show me my matches?

Tinder is not trying to hide matches, shadowban or do anything malicious. Given Tinder’s obscure tactics, it would be perfectly reasonable to assume this.

Instead, what is happening is a somewhat common failure in which the application crashes and cannot get this data from the server where it is stored.

Technically speaking, you still have your matches. You just can’t see them. We’ll explain exactly how to restore your games without too much hassle in just a second.

How do I restore matches to Tinder?

Restoring matches on Tinder is easy. Because this is a technical issue, all you have to do is restart your profile. So here it is, game by game. Open Tinder and go to your profile. Tap the gear icon that says “settings.”

Towards the bottom, there will be a “sign out” button. Tap it and sign back in, and your issue should be resolved. It also doesn’t hurt to delete the app completely and re-download it.

Once you’re logged in again, you should see all your matches where they should be. If there are still a few missing, then unfortunately this person has deleted their profile or has not matched you.

Does Tinder automatically delete matches?

Does Tinder automatically delete matches? The answer is no. Tinder does not delete matches. There are only three reasons why a match has been deleted. The first is that you did not match, the second is that your match has deleted their profile. The third is that your matches are not displayed due to the error and you only need to restore your matches to see them again.

It would never make sense for Tinder to delete its customers’ matches because it would make the experience worse. Tinder sometimes hides specific profiles, especially those that do not pay for subscriptions, but does not remove matches. That would be a step too far for Tinder.

Why did all my messages on Tinder disappear?

If your Tinder messages have disappeared, you probably have the same problem. Once you’ve matched your messages and matches, it’s pretty much the same, and you just need to follow the steps to restore your matches to Tinder.

The reality is that either you’re having trouble with the app having trouble calling the server for your games, or they haven’t matched you.

Why Tinder removed all my matches: Conclusion

Tinder can be a fun app at times, but it can also be frustrating. It has been around for almost a decade, has started to be overpopulated with robots and has problems like this. With how big Tinder is, shouldn’t you really be wondering why Tinder has deleted all my matches? Luckily it’s an easy problem to solve.

If you’re looking for a more refined online dating experience that doesn’t have this problem, eHarmony is a great choice. Even apps like Hinge have a better reputation for having no problems showing matches or anything like that.

We hope this has helped answer all your questions about why Tinder removed all my matches and how to restore matches to Tinder. If your Tinder messages are disappearing, you now know the possible reasons. For more information on the Tinder algorithm, see our article.

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