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One of the most frequently asked questions is ‘Should I take the first step when it comes to sending a message to someone?’ For example, if someone adds you as a favorite, is it okay to send them a message right away, or should you wait to receive one first? In short, what is the label? Read on for some tips on how to easily navigate the world of online dating.

Should I send a message first?

Yes! While many of us have retained some old ideas about not taking the first step, you should take every opportunity to get people to notice you. If someone you like looks like a favorite but doesn’t send you messages, take the initiative and send them a message, as they’ve clearly shown interest. And even if someone doesn’t mark you as a favorite, don’t be afraid to send messages anyway. The more people you contact, the more dates you will get.

How long should I wait for an answer? Should I continue with another message?

People have different expectations when it comes to how quickly they respond to messages, and they may not match yours. If you bombard someone with messages asking why they didn’t respond, they’re likely to delay it, so resist that urge. Give them a couple of days and then send them a quick reminder. If they still don’t respond, move on to another person.

How quickly should I respond?

As fast as you want! Any “rules” about leaving him for a while should be completely ruled out, as you’re here to meet someone, not to play. If someone has bothered to send you a message, they will want a reply, so don’t worry about postponing it too much.

Should I ignore messages from people I don’t care about?

No. While it may seem pointless to talk to people you don’t want to meet, it’s a good way to send a quick “thank you, but no thank you” message. Everyone likes to be noticed, even if they don’t get the result they want, people are also kind enough to respond and make everyone’s life a little better.

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