Why not propose: 3 reasons …

It’s totally frustrating, isn’t it? You’ve been with this guy for a long time, he’s the man of your dreams and he says he loves you.

Promise “forever” every time you speak. So why not propose?

Expect this ring, for that kneel downand you get nothing.

You’re dying for something … anything …

“Do you want to get married?”

I’ve heard that many men propose in such a simple way …

Do you want to tie the knot? Paste?

If you want to get married and your husband doesn’t seem to want to, you have some work in front of you.

“Oh boy, here we go …”

Because the kind of conviction you have to find will not be annoying or pressing. It’s the kind of thing you could do he doesn’t even know it.

(I – if you’ve tried pressure as a way to get what you want from a man, you’ll probably know it too how it doesn’t work.)

Remember one of my favorite sayings: “Someone convinced against their will is still of the same opinion …”

The first thing to remember is that marriage will NOT guarantee you:

  • – Being married doesn’t mean you’re happy …
  • – Being married doesn’t mean you don’t think about other women …
  • – Being married doesn’t mean you don’t think about other men …!
  • – Being married doesn’t mean you can’t get divorced …

Now, let me tell you – it was a scary place lower in the process – to illustrate a point.

Many women I’ve trained (and even many men) look at marriage as if they were graduating from high school. As if it were one FINAL to something.

Many people think of marriage as one final to his only suffering.

Think of marriage as one final in search of the Eternal Partner ™.

They believe that marriage is a goal … and a final.

But it really is one TO START. And a process that lasts approximately the time you want to stay married.

happy couple why not propose 3 reasons ...

Is it luck in the draw … or is there a formula for Happily Ever After …?

It’s not that marriage doesn’t work out, as many people say about the 50% divorce rate.

It’s just that we have a misconception that if you’re married to the right person, marriage doesn’t require a job. Which is probably the the most painful myth in relationships.

So before you make marriage your goal, keep in mind that the job is just beginning when you say your “And I do it” and put on these rings.

With that, let’s get into it 3 reasons why I will not propose to you …

Why not propose – REASON 1: Despair is leaving a bitter taste …

The thing is, if you want him to marry you more than he seems to want you to talk and have fun with … that stinks of need, not love.

And men are very sensitive to find TRUTH love. So you will be very sensitive to any of the signals that tell you that you are not REALLY i truly in love with him.

A man wants to see that you are one vibrant, radiant and sexy creature. An independent woman who still FLIGHT him around and not trying to pretend he can do it all.

(Yes, we see, ladies.)

Sure, we could all live without the other person, but we don’t want to have to! This is part of the point of love after all. A choice we make to make our lives include you.

happy couple 2 Why not propose 3 reasons ...

Can you keep chasing him, over and over again …?

Also, ask yourself if you are disproportionately focusing on this formality of a proposal. You want it a little TOO a lot?

Like a child who has been rejected by this lollipop 5 times in a row … and now look at any candy with the intense concentration of a hungry cat watching the Friskies empty into their bowl.

Which brings me to …

Where is the proposal? – REASON 2: there is something you can miss right now …

A man will gladly marry a woman who appreciates and respects him.

But wait …

If you were to say to yourself, “Carlos, I love you!”

Stop and think again …

A man feels love when he is a woman AGRÍA he.


This is not how women feel about love or express it. Sure, you want respect, but the way you feel is not the same.

And you’ve been asking him lately if he feels appreciated? If you do and take a short break, the answer is probably “not really.”

Why not propose 3 reasons ...

If you’re not sure how it feels, take it as a sign …

Look, both sides have one bad way of thinking the other. Guys do it with sex. And women often take men for granted in different ways he cares for her and protects her.

But you have to be open to the fact that if you live with him, he is probably offering you a lot. (And if it isn’t, and it’s loading freely, kick the curb. Really.)

If you’re providing money, resources, time, attention, and any amount of things that men put into a relationship, just ask them to let you know that they know you. I really appreciate it.

Because when a woman focuses on what she is NO getting – ejemthe proposal: feel that none of the other things matter to you.

He could also be tackling a career / empire building step in his life that he is very focused on. Many women feel despised when a man prioritizes this way, but it is a very real thing for a man. (I fully explain a man’s priorities to me Connection code programby the way …)

Why don’t you propose – REASON 3: You don’t have to …

Okay, time for the ugly truth.

You may have heard the saying, “Why buy a cow when the milk is free?”

Another way of saying that “you can’t get a man to marry you if you give him free sex.”

But that is it NO what does that say. Is no that you shouldn’t give him sex before you get married …

It means it is NO about manipulating the intimacy of goodwill between you just to get what you want.

cowabunga Why not propose 3 reasons ...

The sayings are funny like this: go think …

What this saying means is that you shouldn’t act like yours ESPONA before you really THEY ARE.

In other words, there must be a benefit to marrying you. There should be some things that are not entirely on the table to give you if you are not married to him.

After all, if that’s your goal, you won’t give up.

You’re not going to work for free and then you’re expecting a salary, right?


He had an implicit – and legal – obligation to go to work – and to be paid by the hour or with a salary.

So why give it your all for free in a relationship?

If your boss stopped paying you, would you keep coming to work? Day after day?

The things you hear about “unconditional love” are a stretcher. All love affairs have a perfectly acceptable implicit agreement:

“We will love each other. And if one of us is not getting what he needs, we have the right to ask for it. Or let him find it in a healthy relationship.”

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

But it is NOT.

We humans have the need – and the right – reciprocity in their relationships. You do give to achievewhether you want to admit it or not.

And that often leads to feelings of guilt about asking for your needs when they are not met. You may be wondering if you are “selfish” or “bad” in some way.

Let me make sure you meet your needs (unless they are unreasonable or toxic) is a necessary part of a healthy love affair.

I need love Why not propose 3 reasons ...

You can’t give what you don’t have …

If you do not receive love, respect, intimacy, communication, sex, happiness, or even proposal, whatever you need, you they are the only ones who can ask for it.

But if you do not receive the proposal you want, you also have it gross power to make sure you get it by being the woman you can’t do without.

Remember – No one moves away from a person who thinks he is so valuable that he cannot live without them. You made it yourself that woman To him?

Now, if you want to know what’s needed, it’s easy …

You have to be IRRESISTIBLE To him. In fact, desire has only one flavor: IRRESISTIBLE desire.

It’s something I can show you how to create in it. I have a free presentation for you that reveals this secret. It is the same secret that Cleopatra discovered thousands of years ago – i only a privileged few women they have transmitted the knowledge.

If you want the secrets of Irresistible desire: go here now …

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