Why is he ignoring you?

Why don’t you pay attention? Why is he ignoring you?

You put on your warm, well-dressed dress … you feel great!

Put your stuff in front of the man you like. You’re sure he will notice you.

man ignorant woman 214x300 Why does he ignore you?

How could I ignore you?

And why not? You are the sexiest woman around!

You passed … you looked at him, you smiled. Nothing.

You laughed out loud for him to see you. She turned her hair, put on her lips.

Nothing yet.

Doubt begins to creep in. What you do usually works with a guy, though not him.

“What’s wrong with me? I’ve lost touch?” you ask.

You feel discouraged, irritated.

You’re thinking, “What’s wrong with this guy? How do I get noticed?”

Sounds familiar?

If a guy ignores you, here are some common reasons that can help you figure out WHY.

Why he ignores you – Reason no. 1: he is a shy boy …

“She’s very hot. I really like … what do I do? How do I approach her? I have no idea what to tell her …”

This could be what’s going on in your husband’s head. Shy guys sometimes they are a pain, they are nice and friendly … but they are also shy and they don’t confidence to relate to you.

10images Why is he ignoring you?

It feels good …

And the worst part is … I could in reality like you! However, it will May have the courage to take the first step.

Give it a break. If you really like it, take the first step.

Open the door to a conversation with him. Once you feel that you are open and receptive, this will ease your shyness a bit and to open to you.

Why he ignores you – Reason no. 2: changed his mind.

“She’s a pretty girl … OUPS, I like the other girl better!”

Maybe at first he was attracted to you and you get excited about him. And then he suddenly walks away from you and starts ignoring you, you stay tuned and wonder …

“What just happened? One minute, I love it, and now I ignore it!”

This is a common scenario.

11images Why is he ignoring you?

What do I do next?

You may have noticed that you are not compatible with each other and do not have the courage to tell you directly. Or maybe he’s just not ready to move on with you.

Whatever your reason, it’s best to talk to him. Get some direct answers from him. Many times, it’s a misunderstanding he created in his own head.

So stop analyzing and thinking too much. Not just need it. It will save you a lot of time.

Why Men Ignore You – Reason No. 3: He is distracted.

Hey, I might be having a hard time.

“I’m very stressed at work. I have so many things to do … I’m so tired …”

Maybe he’s not paying attention to you because his mind is worried. Maybe his car broke down that day, and now he does worried on repair costs.

Or maybe his mother is sick and so is he thinking of how to help her.

takes you for granted Why does he ignore you?

Give it time and space …

Remember that boys internalize their problems – they don’t usually share their struggles because they may seem weak.

Whatever it is, if you see it space out and without noticing you – Just get close and get him out of trouble. Say something like “A penny for your thoughts …” and then show it to warm smile.

He will come out and be caught No surveillance – and I will be you even maybe Laugh.

It’s a great start to the conversation. Try it!

Ignoring You – Reason No. 4: Ignore … well, it works.

Maybe you’re thinking …

“Why are you talking to my friends instead of me? Why are you ignoring me? I’ll show you what’s missing …”

Ignoring the woman you like is a common tactics of guys to get it interested. And it usually works!

When he does this, he ignites this competitive nature in you that you want to go after him more strongly.

Show him what is lost, play this game. And when you do, then you can leave it catch up!

240x400 2 Why is he ignoring you?

Just practice understanding the state of the man you like BEFORE come to your own conclusions about why he is not showing any interest in you.

It is a common mistake to project our own reasons and reasoning without knowing it real reason why someone behaves as it is.

Let it go by having to judge it in advance and assume it’s really nothing of yours.

And in a very short time, you will influence each situation in your favor …

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Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

Updated on 5/2021


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