Why Hating on the Kardashians is a Waste of Time

Top Ten Gifts to Give Single Women on Valentine’s Day to Make a Good Impression

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner guys and I want to give you suggestions for the best gifts to give women to make a lasting impression on her. This is a very important and special day for women and any special gifts you give her will win her heart.

How to Meet Single Women Using Polls

I will describe a great method of meeting single women using what I call the “Poll Technique.” Here’s how it works.

Keys to Succeeding with Single Women

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a “magic pill” you could take to meet, attract, and seduce every woman in town? Unfortunately such a pill does not exist.

A Few Lessons about Failure with Single Women

It’s a jungle out there in the dating world. And when you play the dating game you are guaranteed to have failures, rejections, and setbacks when pursuing love and romance with single women.

Why You Should be Dating More Than One Single Woman at a Time

I’m a firm believer in “variety is the spice of life” and you should not put all your eggs in one basket by pursuing and focusing all your efforts on one woman.

Why You Should Always be Yourself When Dating Single Women

I need to caution you about putting on an act when you’re on your first few dates with single women. What I mean by this is pretending to be someone you are not. And doing things that are not your true nature.

Meeting Single Women Using Adult Education Classes and University Extension Courses

Most good-sized communities in the United States offer adult education courses. The courses are varied and offer something for everyone. The classes are held at convenient times for full time workers and are available at no cost or for a small fee. A good example of these courses are the ones sponsored by the organization called Leisure Learning which are located in most large cities in the United States.

How to Seduce Single Women Using Romantic Lighting

Is your house or apartment romance ready for seducing single women by using seductive lighting? Let me explain what I mean: When you have a girl come over to your place you need to make sure that it is romantically ready with seductive and soft lighting. To make sure your place has seductive lighting, take these steps.

The Secrets to Understanding Single Women

Do you sometimes have a hard time understanding single women? How they act and how they think? Does it sometimes seem like they are from another planet?

How to Meet Single Women Using Lottery Cards

Here’s a great way to meet single women in bars and nightclubs. Also, it’s a great ice-breaker and a very unique way to introduce yourself to women. All you need is some blank lottery cards that have not been filled out with the picked lottery numbers and a pen or pencil. Bring them with you when you go to bars and nightclubs to meet single women.

How to Meet and Attract Single Women with the “Puppet Method”

This is probably the craziest dating tip of the week I’ve ever written. And please don’t think I’ve lost my mind because of what I’m about to suggest to you as a great way to meet and attract single women for love and romance. So what is it?

Do Single Women That Dress Sexy Want to Have Sex With You?

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve met a single woman that you’re attracted to and have made plans for your first date.

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