Why do men want so much sex? Are all boys dogs?

Why do men want sex all the time?

Look, it’s true, most men think about sex all the time. This is one tried done. (It’s biology!)

It is something that is innate in the system of almost every man.

A survey conducted by Roy Baumister, a social psychologist at Florida State University, reported that men do month spontaneous sexual arousal than women.


12b Why do men want so much sex?  Are all boys dogs?

Because of men’s hormonal cycle … Women are not the only ones with a hormonal cycle. Men go through their cycle in about 24 hours.

Imagine that.

Men have 10 times more testosterone than women, the highest in the morning and the lowest in the evening at night.

What is testosterone? And what has that got to do with men?

Well, everyone has heard of testosterone, but you I could does not know all it does for boys.

Testosterone is considered to be the “male hormone”Which occurs in boys and is responsible for providing a healthy libido and maintaining healthy energy levels. It is also in women, but in many lower quantities.

So he wants sex all the time nothing strange… It’s actually normal for a boy. It goes along with its biological impulse to procreate.

It’s not that he’s a degenerate, he’s just been taken to a different imperative.

But what do you do if he wants sex month what you? How can you keep up

Here are some tips on how you can match things and deal with the difference in sexual impulses.

13b Why do men want so much sex?  Are all boys dogs?

Tip no. 1: program it.

There is always something to be done that will do it drain yourself and it will leave you too tired to have fun. At the end of the day, you can feel it exhausted and ready to rest.

me? I end up getting caught up in night surfing with the iPad.

What might help is to have a schedule elaborate. It could be despite this many times a week.

Whatever it is both of us agree or consider it feasible and manageable.

It may sound a little romantic, but it will help you prepare, and if you do it right, it will help you rekindle your passion for each other over and over again.

It keeps you aware of your regularity (or lack of). You don’t want to let your life patterns get in the way, and you realize, “WOWZA … We haven’t left out. in a week! ”

Because, yeah, even the boys are so wrapped up that they may not notice that a little more time has passed.

By setting a scheduled “sun” time, your anticipation can accumulate because he knows that you will definitely be all his own, and ready for fun and connection in that day / hour.

A survey published last week in the UK by Netmums found that 6 out of 10 busy couples observe a sexual schedule to help keep the flames of passion at bay.

And it could benefit both of you manage expectations and helping to prevent arguments that would arise if both did not meet the needs of the other.

111 Why Do Men Want So Much Sex?  Are all boys dogs?

Tip no. 2: Keep your communication open

Sex is a vital aspect of any marriage. Whatever your physical and emotional state is limiting your sexual drive, it’s best to be open about this.

Talk to him. Have one honest conversation.

Either you feel aware of your body, or you may want more of the physical relationship.

Be alone in advance and let him know what’s going on. Do it neutral to explain what your feelings are.

Remember that guys feel responsible for your happiness, so expressing anything else often seems to be “their fault,” even when it’s not.

This is something that you, as a woman, need to be sensitive to.

So, is it a dog? Yes or no.

Yes, because testosterone levels in dogs are high, as are men, and so are they can not stop themselves of desire for sex. The need to procreate is in your system…and that is.

Honestly, it is part of the reason why our species is so successful on this planet.

On the other hand…

No, because unlike dogs, men have them common sense to have a logical conversation with you, and they are the same loyal to their owners.

Here’s an idea … treat your man all over best ways you would treat your dog: give him your love, patience and understanding.

I accept it for who she is, so that you can have a relaxed, happy and stable relationship.

If you want to get what you want without having to ask for it (or train it) watch this special video and make it fall in love with you over and over again …

Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/27/2021

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