Why Do Men Come Back? (The REAL reasons) | Ask Mark #97

Alpha Males Get 5 Times More Attention From Females – 3 Tips For Being More Alpha

Your quest for success with women begins with becoming an alpha male. Experience has taught me this: Attractive, high quality women want a man that is a leader, a decision maker and a force to be reckoned with. All these are classic traits of the alpha male.

How to Tell If a Girl Really Likes Her Boyfriend and Whether Or Not You Have a Chance

So there’s a girl out there that you think might like you, but she has a boyfriend. This happens all the time. In this article I’ll tell you how you can gauge the strength of her relationship.

How to Use Obstacles to Attract Women

Resistance and obstacles (like boyfriends) spur desire because people always want what they can’t have. If there’s something keeping you apart from the girl you want, then play it up further. It will add to the thrill and create the ‘chase’.

Picking Up Women – The Three Second Rule

I don’t care if you can’t think of anything to say, whatever you do, do not break the three-second rule. If you snooze you lose my friend, failure to act within three seconds whether you know what to do or not will result in a much lower chance of success. I’ve found a spontaneous approach (within the three seconds) almost always works in my favor. The moment you see an attractive women you must get moving if you want to increase your chances of picking her up.

Pick Up Girls – How to Guide and Tips

Many men frequently wonder about the universal question of how to pick up girls. Why do some women say yes but mean no. Each woman has a different viewpoint and personality, just like men. As in, sports fans versus not sports fans. So while women are nearly universally contrary and say one thing while they mean another, you can really only know why if you know the woman.

Seduce Asian Girls – What’s The First Step?

What is the most direct way to get an Asian girlfriend? The first thing to do is you have to get out there and meet Asian women. Initially you need to get yourself prepared mentally and emotionally. You have to work on your inner game so you don’t let any opportunities pass you by.

Get the Man You Want

Women no longer need to sit back and wait for the ‘right’ man to come along. You can take the bull by the horns and go out and get that perfect man.

How to Pickup Women – A Fun Guide

For most men, the eternal quest is and always will revolve around the idea of how to pickup women effortlessly. If you’re currently reading this, then you must be one of those men contemplating on solutions to end your own quest. Although the concept of picking up women can be a challenging task, it sure can be fun one as well. So sit back, read on and maybe learn a thing or two.

How Women Can Attract More Men in Bars

In a bar/club, men look for women who are easily approachable. It does not matter if she is the most glamorous, the youngest or the sexiest. Any woman can attract more men to open conversation, simply by making herself more approachable.

Steps to Finding the Perfect Partner in Life

People only wanted to find that someone who will be with them for the rest of their lives. Everybody dreams to have someone who will sweep them off their feet and make them feel like they are the best that ever happened to them. But how can you really do this?

Seduction Ebooks – 3 Things You Should Look For Before Purchasing Such an Ebook

What differentiates a good seduction e-book from a bad one? What are the elements that you should look for before purchasing such an book? Here is a list…

Techniques to Seduce Girls – Flirting Guide For Men

You’ve probably been thinking about it but even by the thought of just approaching a girl is enough to bring you feel all wrecked and nervous inside, you’d rather stay in your apartment all day. Making a girl attracted to you is not something you should stress about — it’s actually one of the most exciting phases of a man’s life! Alright, I may sound a bit too optimistic to you but have you ever wondered why you’re still dateless, loveless and technically bored about where you are right now? Well, my friend, the world is a wonderful place and if you tell me you’ve never hooked up with a girl, then you’re missing more than half of your life.

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