Why are you still texting me if you’re not interested? Understanding men

You ask me, “Why are you still texting me if you’re not interested?” Many women suffer as a result of men continuing to text them without spending time together.

Here’s what you need to know to better understand men, texting, and what’s really going on.

The link feels REAL, but is it?

Single women write to me often, feeling the pain of too many text and communication messages without dating.

Unfortunately, over time, they become attached to men. As the weeks turn into months, which happens more often than you think, the feelings grow and deepen. This is how a bond is formed and where lovelessness comes to visit.

It’s easy to see how this can happen. Keeping in touch with a man regularly to share snippets of your day, beautiful photos, fun events, etc. allows you to feel close to him.

Maybe you’re starting to have pet names for each other, private jokes, or routines that feel comfortable and satisfying.

Your texts can be sweet, thoughtful, funny or romantic. And when you get a message from him, your heart beats.

Just know exactly what you want to hear, how is that possible? So you’re wondering, “Why are you still texting me if you’re not interested?”

Your confusion stems from your inability to cut the waiting time for an appointment and not cancel it.

Unfortunately, I hate to tell you this, though this interaction with him is pure fantasy.

Is it like your texting person?

Yes, there is a connection, but it is NOT LOVE. Is it the fantasy of love because how can you be in love with a man you never see?

You really don’t know him. Just know your personality to send text messages and what to choose to display VIRTUALLY. The same goes for phone conversations and even video chats.

The only way to meet someone is to spend time together.

Text messages, phone calls, social media, and videos are SUPPLEMENTS for a time in person if you’re looking for a loving, genuine relationship.

should send you a text message - man sending text messages

But why keep texting me if you’re not interested?

I know the question still bothers you. Even if you understand that this is not true love, there is a part of you that needs to understand what the hell this is all about.

Why should a man keep texting if he is not interested? Does not make sense.

5 reasons why you keep texting

1. He is alone

Even men feel lonely, so having someone to text them with makes them feel less lonely.

Sometimes this can be enough to satisfy this guy because he doesn’t want or isn’t capable of the full relationship you want. So keep texting.

2. He is bored

He is not living a rich and fulfilling life and may not get much out of it. Or maybe it’s socially uncomfortable. Another option is to have a lot of time on your hands.

Your job may not get all your attention, so texting is perfect to give you more flavor! We’ve all been bored from time to time and this is their way of killing time: LOSING YOURS.

3. Ask for attention

is sending text messages for attentionSome men just want attention, especially from an attractive, compassionate woman like you. Someone to listen to your problems or details of your day.

When he responds, he feels good about the world, knowing that someone cares about him. Every time she responds, she feels reinforced to know that a great girl like you is paying attention to her.

4. You need an ego boost

Anyone can feel down or down and what better way to pick me up than to text with several women throughout the day. Or even just a woman you feel comfortable with.

Maybe you’re raising your ego because you think it’s fun, fun to talk about, creative, or really interesting. It can reveal what seem like private details of your life to bring you closer. Too bad it won’t go any further.

5. He enjoys it

Sending text messages with you is FUN! Are you fast or have a good sense of humor? Do you share thoughts, photos, jokes or funny things from the media?

Admittedly, texting with you is very entertaining. So keep texting for more but DISTANCE. If you want to enjoy your ingenuity in person, I would invite you out! But, he is not asking!

There may be more reasons to say, “Why send me text messages if I’m not interested?” But surely these cover the larger ones.

What are you looking for in a man?

who is your ideal manHere’s the big question for you. Are you ready? It all comes down to this surprisingly simple question. What are you looking for in a man?

  • Want a text message friend?
  • Do you just want to entertain men instead of going out with them?
  • Are you looking to help men overcome boredom and fill their time?
  • Want to help a man improve his low self-esteem?
  • Are you talking to men so they stop feeling lonely?

OF COURSE NO! You want LOVE, the real thing.

So that’s what I want you to do. STOP IT. This may sound harsh and you may be thinking, “No, Ronnie, tell me I wasn’t wasting my time! Tell me that’s not true!”

I know, I hear you, but I will stand firm in your name and tell you with great compassion: Please stop sending messages to this man.

Stop following him on social media. Stop Facetiming, talk to him every night and hope that at some point he will want to go on a real date to see you live and in person.

HOPE is a 4 letter word

When it comes to your health and the healing of the sick, hope is essential. Studies show how important a positive and hopeful attitude is for recovery.

But when you spend months waiting for a guy to finally ask you or see you a second time to meet you in person – THIS IS A MAXIMUM WASTE OF TIME.

This is a place where HOPE becomes a 4 letter word because You’re going to curse the fact that you foolishly hung out there hoping some guy would finally come for you.

Your best strategy when you are in a situation like this is LEAVE NOW.

Set higher standards for yourself

is still texting me but we never see each otherIt is time to set higher standards for what you will accept and how you want to be treated. In other words, stop texting him, block this guy on your phone, and stop being friends with all of his social media. Then follow this guy’s super strict abstinence diet and avoid him like the plague he really is.

He may be the right person, but he is not good for your love life or your self-esteem. After all, he is only interested in meeting his own needs.

Despite this, it’s a complete drain to attract the right man for the love life you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

If you want to find love seriously, stop wondering why you keep texting me if you’re not interested?

Let go of this fantasy man and his virtual relationship and free yourself to find VERDIAL LOVE with a TRUE MAN who takes you in his arms and kisses you passionately as if there were no tomorrow.

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ronnie retouched circle straight onSingle for too long, Ronnie wanted to find love. She put her personal development skills and spiritual path to work, going out with 30 men in 15 months to meet her adorable husband Paul. Discovering the keys to the demonstration and half-life appointmentsfounded It’s Never Too Late to Help smart, successful women find love or live empowered and magical lives. Ronnie Ann Ryan, MBA, CCC, is a certified trainer who has helped thousands of middle-aged women with their Love & Magical Life Coach services. She is the host of the Breathe love and magic podcast and has been featured on NBC, ABC and Fox News, NPR, BBC, eHarmony, MSN.com and Connecticut Magazine, among others. In addition, Ronnie is the author of 6 books that are available on Amazon.

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