When is Valentine’s Day? Is it always February 14th?

Valentine’s Day can be one of the most exciting holidays for couples and possibly a bit of a drag for singles (unless you see it as an opportunity!). Whether you’re worried about buying a gift, planning a date, or hiding in your basement, you need to know when it’s Valentine’s Day! In this guide, we’ll talk about when it’s Valentine’s Day for this year, when it’s for the next few years, and whether or not it always falls on the same day.

When is Valentine’s Day 2022?

Valentine’s Day 2022 falls on February 14ththwhich is a Monday.

It’s Valentine’s Day always on February 14thth?

For many holidays, they always fall on the same calendar day each year. For other holidays, they fall at a certain time of the month. A good example of the former is Christmas, which always falls on December 25thth it doesn’t matter if it’s Sunday, Tuesday or whatever. An example of a second holiday program is Thanksgiving, which is always celebrated on the 4thth Thursday, November, regardless of whether it is the 24thth25thetc.

So where does Valentine’s Day fall into this? It is very similar to Christmas, where every year falls on the same calendar day. Whatever the day of the week, Valentine’s Day is always the 14th of Februaryth-no matter what. If you look at the three most recent Valentine’s Day dates, you’ll see that this is the case:

  • V-Day 2021: Sunday, February 14thth
  • V-Day 2020: Friday, February 14thth
  • V-Day 2019: Thursday, February 14thth

Why is Valentine’s Day February 14th?th Every year?

The answer to this question goes back to the time of Pope Gelasius I. There was an ancient pagan festival called Lupercalia which was held in Rome every year on February 15th.th to “purify the city.” Pope Gelasius I decided to replace that party with the Festival of Purification. In view of the new holiday, the Pope changed the date to February 14th and said the party would be held in honor of Valentine’s Day (the patron saint of lovers).

And so we have the birth of what we now call Valentine’s Day, a holiday that celebrates love on February 14th.th every year.

When was the first day of Valentine’s Day?

Pop Gelasius I ruled in the late 5thth century. Current history says that the first celebration of the new festival was in 496 AD.

Is Valentine’s Day the same day in the US and the rest of the world?

Yes, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the same day in the United States and every other country in the world that celebrates the holiday. While many believe that V-Day is a holiday in the United States, it was actually created in Rome.

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