What to do when he says “I don’t want to talk about it”

Want to know what to do when I tell you “I don’t want to talk about it”?

How do you do it when it sinks like that?

Feelings: The boys avoid talking about them like the plague.

  • “Where is this relationship going?”
  • “What’s bothering you?”
  • “Why are you so quiet?”

For women, they are innocuous questions.

You just want to to know what he is thinking and feeling; after all, what a woman I wouldn’t You want to know what’s going on with your loved one, right?

But there he is, silent and Stoic as a guard at Buckingham Palace.

Many women have been frustrated when your husband becomes cryptic and silent, but there are some ways to take off your cloak and find out what’s wrong with your husband:

# 1: Lock activators 101: Don’t say those words

Nothing makes a man want to be silent more than to hear his partner say, “We have to talk. ” Like I said, it’s not a big deal for you. after all, women generally feel more comfortable talking about emotions.

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Your husband, however, is likely wiring no to share their feelings (more on that later). And that’s why guys shun “heavy” and soul-searching discussions.

So trying to get it out will make it a stone wall more, not less. There are smarter (and less) painful ways for you to talk about your relationship, your feelings, and anything else you’ve filed in “Mushy.”

# 2: Talk like a boy

Most women have a taste for dissection each emotional detail of our lives. It’s the way it is.

But it also makes boys think that women “talk too much.” Most men like to keep it short and sweet with their “just the facts”Way of speaking.

Just compare how you would talk to your girlfriends and how your husband would talk to his friends. Men tend to put aside the feelings of their stories and cling to what happened.

In the same way, your husband is likely to be more receptive if you go to “rationalize”Your conversations about“ hard ”things (that is, anything that involves emotions) or when you disagree with them.

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Is no I tell you censor yourself or commitment Your thoughts; however, doing a bit of effort going up in frequency will make you less likely to disconnect.

Here are some ideas:

– Try “What do you think …” or “What do you think …” Some men feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts on a particular topic, so get your man to talk about it eventually direct in their feelings. It only takes a little patience to “extracts”Emotions behind his thoughts.

– If you want to know how he is, leave the offer to talk about the table for him it doesn’t feeling pressured, “Hey, if you need me, you just know, okay?”

# 3: Be great with this

Believe it or not, men really to want its partners to understand them. Tan Because are some guys so quiet?

They usually have a couple of things against them.

First, men learn at an early age NO to share their feelings for fear of being seen as a ten. For them, revealing their emotions is a sign weakened.

And this leads us to the following reason: most men avoid articulating what is formed in their heads because they have not had much practice.

But the good news is you can help.

The best thing to do is NO flip out or press him in another way (see number 1) because he “doesn’t want to talk about it.” In the same vein, don’t punish him when you disagree on something.

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Many boys choose to keep quiet only because of their partners become hostile when their opinions differ. Resist the temptation to react immediately and let him share his thoughts freely without fear of “retaliation”.

Once you feel confident enough to share your thoughts, you may be surprised at how much you have to say.

Bonus Tip – Try not to rush into questions when you get home. You may want to unwind after a long day.

Maybe you have the atmosphere it has not ready to speak yet.

Use your body language as a signal: When you feel calm, you can come in and talk to him.

Some women like to sneak in a snack or a drink, or slide next to their husband (instead of walking straight in their line of sight) while watching TV or some similar activity.

# 4: Support

Like I said, guys want their partners to do that to understand them, but they have trained themselves no a to wait that. It is best to help him unlearn this perception probably dates back to his childhood.

Over time, you can open your mind to the fact that you can make this happen in your relationship. Men may not say that, but they want a partner who can appreciate what they are going through.

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If you know that there is patience, empathy, trust and support in the relationship, these factors will encourage you to talk.

By the way, you may not notice it, but your husband has his own special way of connecting with you. In fact, most women are not aware that every man has his own. “Connection style”.

This knowledge alone can be the key to unlocking the door by preventing it from connecting with you on a deeper level. If you want to know more about how to make it really open to you, I recommend you take a look at this:

The connection code: the secret to having a lasting connection with it.

Yours in Perfect Passion,

Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/27/2021

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