What men really want from you: five laws of attraction

Watch the video as I share my first-hand ideas about what men really want from you. Then read the five laws of attraction below.

So, as I said in the video, what men really want from you has little to do with your waist-to-hip relationship, your looks, or even the underwear you wear. Here are five laws of attraction that will help you build a deep connection with your boyfriend.

What Men Really Want From You # 1 Men want to feel good and be successful around you

Men want to be with a woman who is happy and who enjoys. As I mentioned in the video, the happier you are and the more you enjoy it, the more successful and connected you feel with yourself. It takes credit. Your happiness is their happiness! And even if he didn’t really do anything in particular to bring you happiness at that moment, he knows instinctively that he has the power to please you.

However, if you’re not happy, it feels like you’ve failed. In fact, believing that they cannot please a woman is one of the main reasons why men do not commit.

That’s why it’s so crucial for you to create a happy life, whether you’re single or in a relationship.

What Men Really Want From You # 2 Men yearn for appreciation and validation

Men want to please you. In many ways, psychologically you become the important mother symbol for your boy. Your opinion is more important than anyone else. So let him know that he is your hero. Tell him what you like about him and appreciate everything he does.

Next time you see your boyfriend, make it a point to appreciate and validate. It could be something as simple as, “I love how you make me laugh!” or, “Always schedule the best dates.”

What Men Really Want From You # 3 Men want to offer you

Now, I don’t argue that we are taking a step back in time when men were the financial providers of relationships. What I’m saying is that you need to feel like you’re providing something. It gives you purpose. So, as I said in the video, you need to be receptive to what you offer.

Leave your management hat on the door and let your husband take the initiative. Be receptive to their love and support. Lean back and let it be the asset for you. Let him think and help you solve your problems. When you receive his help, you are sending him a message that says, “You are smart and competent and I trust you and I respect you.”

So ask your boyfriend for help with something: a work problem, choosing a new phone or TV and freely receiving what he offers you, without wanting it to be any different.

What Men Really Want From You # 4 Men need freedom

Men need a lot more space than women. In fact, one of the most common fears of commitment that men have when they get serious with a woman is that they will lose their friends, free time, and downtime.

Yes. Asphyxiating a man or acting sticky or jealous almost guarantees that he will distance himself emotionally and move away.

Remember that men are connected to feel that they have to act and produce. It’s refreshing when he has a partner who has his own life and leaves him space without taking it against him. So encourage him to hang out with his friends! And make sure you also have your own world of friends and hobbies.

What Men Really Want From You # 5 Men need sexual intercourse

Men connect through sex. Once you enter the realm of having sex, it is crucial to keep that spark warm. I always recommend that you act as if you are having a monogamous affair with your husband. So flirt, touch it and of course participate in a sexual satisfaction of all benefits.

So ask yourself what I would be doing or saying now if we had an adventure? Then go for it!

So here it is: the inside of what men want!

When you understand men, communicate positively and embody your most authentic and secure self, you can create the relationship of your dreams. And to help you do that, I’d like to buy you a session with one of my expert relationship coaches. So if you are a successful smart woman, you have come to the right place.

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