What excites a boy? 20 tips that will drive you crazy!

We don’t just think about meeting and dating a man, but there are key activations that guarantee that you will keep your man forever.

Maintain an active social life

Never make your husband your hobby like many women do. Instead, keep a social life out of your relationship. This keeps you happy and full of new stories to talk to him about. This also keeps the challenge going and helps you stay a little more mysterious.

“Where is he now and who is he with?” Do this and you’ll always be hooked.

Changing your look

When you come home with a new haircut, it will shake your head in the right way. You wonder what the hell you’re going to do next. Why does this work? Guys fantasize about fucking different women and now you become that different woman.

Changing your routine

He thinks you’re a Starbucks girl and you start going to Dunkin Donuts. He thinks you’re dating a group of friends and now you have a new girlfriend. You zigzag when he does.

This becomes an ignition because he thinks he has discovered you. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection.

Giving it space

I say that perceived freedom. Let him go golfing on the weekends while you do the same with your friends.

Guys like to think they can survive without you and they like to show it to their friends. They are wrong, of course, but occasionally give them their perceived freedom.

That keeps him happy. My friend Ted was not even allowed to see his friends once he got married. Can you imagine? They divorced last year. Give space to your man.

Putting Himself on Him

Strange eh? I have interviewed many men over my years and they like this one. They love it when a woman lies on her back or falls asleep on her lap.

I don’t know why. I guess we feel like we’re protecting our girl from the outside world, that nothing can stand in the way of us.

It just feels good.

Competing with Him

I like this one. Guys love competition, so introduce it to your relationship. Tell him you’re kicking his ass in a sprint or mini golf.

My little girl and I compete when we go shopping. We each have a separate cart and our own list and we see who can do it and get to the register before the other.

It’s fun and I love it.

Overflowing confidence

If you read any of my international bestsellers, you know that trust comes first, then man. Keeping your friends, hobbies and passions will increase your confidence.

This allows you to set boundaries that no one can touch, not even your man. He knows that if you disrespected him, you would leave New York in a minute.

This also makes your time valuable. You don’t have time for the people in your life who depress Debbie, including him if you go in that direction. You are a team and you work together, not against each other.

Building great memories together

This may sound obvious as an activation, but you’ll be amazed at how many couples stop collecting memories. They start fighting over children and money.

That’s why I come up with dating ideas for couples. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Work together on your wish list and it will be activated forever!

Completion of activations for boys

From the moment you see that handsome guy around the corner until you’re in your 50’sth wedding anniversary years later: these are the things that keep your man on fire.

It’s easy to overlook them, if you do, you can start blaming yourself for the failures of your relationship. Do not do it! Keep this list of how to activate a guy in your head and start following tonight.

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