What do men like in bed like? 7 secret tips

This article is for any woman who wonders what men like in bed, because you want to like it, right?

I recently received this email from a student of mine:


I’ve been dating this guy for a few weeks (this weekend we’re at the official date number 3 …)

Since I’m hoping we’re probably going to sleep together, what I want to know is what he expects of me.

I don’t want to disappoint him …


  • Tina L., Sarasota Florida


Well, Tina, if you’re looking for super wild sex advice that shakes your world …

Just wait.

There’s something you should know first: if you’re on date number 3, that’s it It does NOT it means you have to sleep with him.

Many women (and men) think that there is this unwritten contract that if you get to appointment number 3 you have to give it up. And that seems more like a negotiated deal than one natural way to manage your relationship.

When I was actively dating, I made a point of letting the woman know that I do not adhere to deadlines or expectations. In fact, maybe I should wait a few MORE dates jump in the sack, because I’m in no hurry.

tips what do men like in bed What do men like in bed like?  7 secret tips

What is your “amul of luck”?

Most of the time, that just made them want to seduce me even sooner. But it was a limit I stuck to for a reason. (And that came from one couple…)

A woman I dated for about 6 months told me after the “magic” date that she had put her black boots up to her knees because she wanted to “seal the deal.”

Look, if you need 5 appointments to get comfortable, you have to keep your own limit.

If it is true, it will have no problems waiting.

Again, I get a lot of emails from women who think that if they don’t leave quickly, another woman will move in and steal it.

If you are so easily influenced by the smell of “bedroom water” – by the easy sex of this other girl – then your relationship it would not have lasted anyway.

Of course, go ahead and try to make you think yours ho-hoo it’s magical, but now I’ll tell you it’s not. (And its not … or his… o his…)

Yes, sex will eventually have to happen. But that’s what you bring to the relationship in your attitude and in your heart which makes him stay.

Okay, so let’s go in and reveal 7 secret tips on what men like in bed:

Secret Tip 1: He likes to laugh …

Look, everyone is so weird at this first pajama party that I’m amazed that someone comes to the next date sometimes.

tips what men want in bed What do men like in bed like?  7 secret tips

There are other ways to have fun in bed …

You have to have fun with your sexy time. Laughter is a great way to let a guy know you’re enjoying yourself.

Which is OUR the biggest fear in bed – that we do not make you happy.

Show him a smile and have fun and you’ll both breathe a sigh of relief a great sigh of reliefI have a lot more fun in the sack.

Secret Tip 2: He likes you when you’re excited …

I’ve had a few partners in the past who were so calm and emotionless in the sack that I thought I was doing something wrong.

I’m sorry, but she’s the only one put there” will May will follow “she was great in bed!”

The more excited and excited you are with us during the horizontal bop, the more manly and manly we feel.

what do men want in the bedroom What do men like in bed like?  7 secret tips

Take the initiative…

If you want a great example of what men like to see in attitude, look no further than adult movies and videos. It’s not always LITERALLY what you’re seeing on screen. It’s more about the ATTITUDE of women in the scenes.

You will see that women are not afraid to let the boy know how much they do to want HE.

This is the secret fantasy of every manjust like you: He wants to be wanted by you completely right now.

Secret Tip 3: He likes you when you are vocalbut soft-spoken …

Okay, this is sure to pick up some tricks …

Let me start by saying yes NO it means you should be a “calm, submissive woman.”

What I’m talking about is a man’s desire for a woman to understand how to be assertive – and demure – while ACCOUNT.

This is one of those things that I notice in couples these days: a kind of disrespect that seems like both couples have just seen “Married with Children” or some other show that glorifies the “angry relationship.”

tips for women good sex with boyfriend What do men like in bed?  7 secret tips

So when it comes to the bedroom, he wants you to talk and:

  • Tell him what you are to want
  • Tell him what you are do not do it to want…
  • Be kind to your corrections, when “you’re doing everything wrong”

Just do it in a gentle way that doesn’t feel like impatience, scolding, or sheer insensitivity. Because it won’t tell you that, but:

If a man is treated badly or insensitive to bed, he will do so immediately UN commitment of your relationship.

Secret Tip 4: He likes you in bed when you’re not reluctant …

Let’s face it – boys like “oral pleasure.” As much as you do when done right.

But if this isn’t your concert, that’s fine. But don’t take it for granted, then make a “Look what I’ve done for you!” event that you then throw in his face later.

tips make a man crazy in bed What do men like in bed like?  7 secret tips

Woman because you want …

Ehh, let’s just say I’ve seen better.

So be generous in bed and never compromise. It’s not a place to “give to get” like those girls from “Sex and the city “ I would say …

Ah, i without teeth downward there.


Secret Tip 5: He likes you when you touch EVERYTHING …

Boys are very sensitive to touch. The smallest hand brush on our skin and all of a sudden our pants don’t fit well.

We are incredibly erotic on touch.

So use it to your advantage!

Don’t just touch the OBVI sexy parts: let your hand go through her body before going down there.

tips on what men like in bed What do men like in bed like?  7 secret tips


Some places to focus:

  • Thighs – A light and gentle massage is GREAT …
  • Stomach – go ahead, play with the little fluff around your navel …
  • pit – comb your chest hair with your fingers, or if it’s not so hairy, just use your fingertips to draw patterns …

One thing you want to avoid is touching the same place for too long. In fact, this becomes very irritating very quickly, and is a common complaint among boys that a woman only has one place to touch and that she keeps rubbing and rubbing and rubbing this area.

Let your fingers speak; don’t be in such a hurry to get down and get dirty. He still enjoys a bit of playful excitement and previous games, no matter what you think.

Secret Tip 6: He likes you when you’re alone with him …

Some later talk is fine, but it’s best when you’re smiling, happy, and PRESENT with us once the act is done. Strangling at this point, such as crying, getting in a bad mood and distant, or any other strangeness, is … well, just weird.

If there are expectations – or should I say “sexual expectations‘- that they have not been fulfilled, you should find a way to approach them well.

One of the bad dynamics of a relationship is when a woman expects a guy to just “know” something about her because it’s so obvious … and of course she won’t because she’s not a mindset reader. And then she still feels she should do it, and she behaves as if a tacit agreement has been broken.

sexual advice how to drive him crazy in bed What do men like in bed like?  7 secret tips

The crystal ball that knows everything … NO!

This is the ultimate in passive-aggressive behavior, and boys will not tolerate it. In fact, it will come out SEVA aggressive passive.

Be open and transparent with the guys … unspoken assumptions they are the ones that usually scare us the fastest.

When you’re done with the whoopie … relax and TO BE.

Hell love that.

Secret Tip 7: He likes you when you know what his style is …

Each boy has a particular style of making love (and making relationships) that suits him best. It’s your “code” if you will.

If you know what his personality is, you will have an immediate advantage in shutting down this guy.

Especially if you know it unnecessarily TO ASK or interview him.

Sexual styles are closely related to PERSONALITY styles and types. I’m sure you’ve done some of these tests from time to time to find out your personality type. Or maybe you like horoscopes.

What do men want in bed? What do men like in bed like?  7 secret tips

Is it a DOG?

Well, I have something that is the same BETTER that a horoscope …

Are called Connection styles. They are the shortcut to the mind and heart of any man!

When you learn a man’s connection style, you’ll know EXACTLY how to unlock it for love. You will also know how to talk to him and really connect with his heart.

There are only a few main styles:

  • The Ox
  • The dog
  • The turtle
  • The cat
  • The Lamb

Do you know what kind of man you are?

If you don’t, you’re missing out on the easiest way to build a solid ROCK connection with it.

See this free presentation in the connection code …

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