Warning, friend! 5 things you need to know before going out with a single mom!

5 things you need to know before going out with a single mom!

These 5 things you need to know before going out with a single mother will save you a life of pain and suffering!

Only tip number 1

If she is a good mother, you will never be her top priority.

Only tip number 2

If she’s not a good mother, she’s not a babysitter!

Okay, so what should a guy do if you’ve met an amazing girl who you think might be the one who has a son?

If you don’t want to end up with a broken heart or just a broken AF, there are things you need to know before going out with a single mom.

I will give you the list and then go over each one with examples from REAL LIFE.

Don’t go out with a single mom without knowing it …

  1. You are not their priority.
  2. Bad mothers have a low value.
  3. It’s a package.
  4. You are not the father.
  5. The father of your baby is part of the package.
  6. There is a time when a single mother is better than a childless woman.
  7. Time is of the essence.
  8. If you have these 2 qualities, it is worth considering.
  9. If he does “this” with you, it’s a green flag!
  10. If you do “this” with Dad, watch out Dad!

Only tip number 1

You are not their priority.

Single mothers pay more attention to their children.

They have to do it, the children require a lot of attention just to keep the beasts alive and unharmed.

Real life example

It’s Friday night and you want to hang out and get busy, after all it’s your date.

But it’s early in the morning because there’s a pastry sale so little Johnny can go to the summer house.

No sex for you tonight, sir!

But this is really good because …

Only tip number 2

Bad mothers have a low value.

If you don’t care about the welfare of your own offspring, man, you can’t care.

A woman who does not instinctively care about her children is a damaged property.

End point, no apologies.

Real life example

Skip the pastry sale to spend the night with you.

Little Johnny is disappointed, misses the gang camp, annoys you and becomes a hooligan who answers you and destroys your car.

Only tip number 3

It’s a package.

Although she is a good mother and a good woman (not the same by the way), she comes with luggage.

Of course, we all have some unresolved issues, but with single mothers this is amplified.

There’s the load of extra needs the kids need and the luggage of what didn’t work with the baby’s father, whether or not he’s a good boy.

Unless she died for an honorable or even neutral cause, there is a background story about why this relationship didn’t work out and she is at least partly to blame.

Either he chose wrong or he was treated badly.

If you can’t accept your share, this is a red flag!

Real life example

He feels guilty about the breakup and always talks shit about his ex …

… even if it wasn’t that bad …

… Even if he was so bad!

So not only do you have little Johnny in the picture, but little Johnny’s father’s memories and stories.

Which brings us to

Only tip number 4

You are not my father!

Children need discipline to grow in the right direction.

But you are not the father of this child, so for a while your opinion is not only not welcome, but not desired … even when it directly affects you.

Even a high value single mother, no, this is not an oxymoron, she will not give you total rule over her child, maybe never.

You may eventually have an influence, but she will always have the last word.

Even good single mothers often feel guilty about having their child go through a breakup, so they let them out with things they shouldn’t do because of it or because of exhaustion.

Even if this child is well adapted, at some point he will become a rebellious teenager.

This is just nature!


More than 90% of men in prison come from single-mother homes.

Real life example

Johnny leaves dirty dishes all over the house, never cleans his room and has a bad attitude towards you and / or his mother.

But when you try to talk to him about it, he says, “You’re not my father!”

Only tip number 5

Baby Daddy is also part of the package.

Unless his son’s father is dead, he appears in the photo, though he is not.

Or he is involved and has more voice than you.

Or not at all and has left a negative imprint on his psyche.

Like he’s in jail or he abandoned them and it doesn’t help them keep them.

Even when it’s not there, it is.

And at worst, she’s still involved with him.

Either because there are unresolved feelings or attraction or out of financial need.

Real life example

Maybe you and the child are getting along well and have planned a family camping trip.

But suddenly Little Suzies’ unreliable father shows up and wants to spend time with her.

Well, she still loves her dad and mom feels guilty for not showing constant effort, so your family camping plans are skyrocketing.

Now you have to stay home and wait to see if she ends up wanting to leave her soon as she usually does.

This is a pity.

Okay, before you get totally scared, let’s be fair and look at some potential positive things you can consider before going out with a single mom.

Only tip number 6

The only time she has more value than a childless woman.

His heart is healed.

If she has been able to heal from the wounds and emotional stress of the breakup, it is a better option than an emotionally damaged single woman without children.

Healing helps prevent it from triggering when you do something similar to what hurt you in the past.

We all have wounds from the past that trigger us.

If you can recognize your shortcomings and communicate with respect and grace, you will have a smoother navigation than if you were still working with the baggage of your past.

Real life example

She is no longer provoked by the erratic behavior of her ex.

When Dad shows up unscheduled, he adheres to his family plans with you.

She respects you and your plans above the pieces she provides.

If you want to be a part of your little Suzie’s life, you have to get the program.

She knows that her daughter will be hurt temporarily, but she also knows that consistency is more important.

And the only way the father can be trusted is if he is forced to.

Which brings us to

Only tip number 7

Time is of the essence.

She has been out of the market for a while to give herself and her son some stability, which is a good sign.

She has demonstrated the ability to take care of herself and her child and not just run into the arms of the next available boy to save them.

There is also a higher probability that you are not longing for your ex or waiting for reconciliation.

How much time?

Every situation is different; it could be a year, it could be ten!

But you will know!

In this line of the positive things you need to know before going out with a single mother is …

Only tip number 8

If you have these two qualities, it may be worth it.

Hardworking, but soft-hearted.

She works hard so she doesn’t have to trust her father, but she’s not bitter about it.

A single mother who has been able to take care of herself and her child financially without becoming a self-sufficient girl and who breaks balls will be a woman who can contribute to a relationship.

There are too many women who fuck their heads and are too independent and lose the softness of the femininity of cooperation.

Real life example

She’s used to doing things on her own, but when you try to help her carry the groceries inside, she appreciates your help and kindly thanks you.

But she doesn’t use you.

He has a MATE team attitude!

Speaking of which …

Only tip number 9

If you believe in parenting with you, great green flag!

If you find a single mom who understands the sacrifice you are making to accept a package, this is a great green flag!

Even if you can’t completely let go of the realms, if you’re included in the parenting discussions from the beginning, that’s a green flag.

This is a rare quality that can be found in a single mother, so if you include it, recognize it.

If she is able to discuss with you how to deal with problems with the child when she is ruined and what are your thoughts on how to discipline them. Green flag!

Real life example

Little Susie has a shitty attitude and talks to her mother again.

You tell him to go to his room until he has a change of attitude.

When little Susie says, “You’re not my father!”

Her mother supports you and says, “Take your ass to your room or off the internet for 24 hours!” Which is an eternity for a child, today.

Even if he disagrees with your discipline, he provides a united front at the moment and discusses his thoughts with you in private.

Children know that you are united, divided that you fall.

In the same line there are…

Only tip number 10

If you set boundaries with your ex, that’s a good sign!

You and she are a team.

Neither she nor the baby father.

Of course, if the baby’s father is a decent boy, he will have an influence, but his loyalty is best for his child and his relationship with you.

Real life example

You tell Dad, “We have family plans for this weekend, but let us know in advance next time you want to see Little Susie.”

He says, “You’re not his father,” but your wife is loyal to you and says, “We have plans, we won’t change our plans, you’ll have to give notice next time.”

She is your teammate!

By the way, if you’re a single parent, don’t be that guy. It’s not fair to your child.

If these things you need to know before going out with a single mother were informative, please share them to help other men.

Thank you for being here, God bless!

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