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Dating and Singles Websites – Will it Work For Me?

In this article you will learn exactly what you have to do to make the most out of the dating and singles websites.

Top Ten Dating Tips for Singles

Are you confused about dating? Would you like to find quality relationships but don’t know how? For tips to make you more attractive and more fulfilled as a single, read on.

Single Mothers and Dating

Some time after a divorce or breakup when the wounds start to heal, women begin to think about dating again. For a single mother this can be difficult. When is the right time to introduce him to the kids?

The Singleton’s Countdown to Valentines Day

You try to ignore it but it’s impossible to escape from. The gift shops are full of heart shaped cards and teddy bears, the travel agents have “romantic weekend trips to Paris” advertised, your attached friends topic of conversation is “will he propose?” and all you can think is where the hell are you going to find a man in time for Valentine’s Day. Yes, it’s the season of romance; the time of year all singletons fear more than walking into a bar with their skirt accidentally tucked into their pants following a visit to the toilet!

A Date With Yogi Berra: Words and Wisdom for Singles

Have you ever had the wise words of someone popup over and over as a reminder of what’s important in life? What did Yogi Berra say that applies to the life of a single? Read on to discover the wisdom of Yogi and how it can influence your dating decisions.

Tips For The Single Girls Out There

How can you, as a single girl, make your dating life in Colorado easier? Certainly dating is difficult under the best of circumstances. As a society, we are busier and have less time than any other period in history. As a home to many wonderful activities as well as a booming business sector, Colorado can certainly be one of the harder places to date actively. Being a single girl in Colorado can be challenging if you are also a professional. Colorado single girls, especially professionals, may have a lot available to do, but it is finding the right person to date in the first place that poses such a challenge.

Surviving the Single Dating World

What is the best way to meet someone in the single dating world? I have found in my experience that there is no one answer to that question. The single dating world can be difficult and confusing at times. In addition, if you are a professional or a busy person it compounds the problem by making it hard to find time to meet someone. So, then, what are you supposed to do to survive in the single dating world so that one day you can get out of it? You have to come up with a plan, and you need to make it one that works with your lifestyle.

Is Your Date Always Late? Adult Singles With ADD

Are you dating someone who continually forgets things, has great difficulty keeping appointments, and is always late? You may be dating someone who has Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. Read on to see how you can help them and yourself to a better relationship.

8 Tips for the Recovering Romantic (Who Is Single)

Romance is great. But when romance is all you want, all that excites you, all that fills our your fantasies, well, you’re a romancaholic. Here are a few tips that can get you back to reality — which, by the way, has more romance in it than any fantasy can ever deliver.

Christian Singles: Learn to Maximize Your Relationship Success

The dating scene can be rough even for Christian Singles. Healthy and successful relationships depend on being a person of character and learning to identify persons of character. This article offers practical and godly wisdom that will encourage singles in their relationships with one another as well as with God.

Surprising Secrets of Bachelorhood

Ever seen the movie, “How to Lose A Guy in 10 days?” This is a story of small mistakes women make to set themselves up for romantic relationship failure.

Using Mental Concentration to Pick Up Single Women

This week I want to talk about focus and mental concentration when it comes to picking up single women.

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