The QUIZ on dead-end dating patterns

Do you feel like you’re on a dating or relationship tape where you’re attracting guys who hurt you? Where does it disappoint you again and again in the same old way? Here is my quiz of dead end dating patterns to help you make great strides in your love life.

Even though you swore that you had learned the lesson and that he would never deceive you again, leave you, or break your heart for the same kind of man? In fact, you do it again. This repetitive behavior comes from a secret self-sabotage that ruins any chance of lasting passionate love.

The test of dead-end dating patterns: the five primary types

What’s behind self-sabotage? Your unconscious mind. And you tend to feel more attracted to the types of couples and relationship scenarios you’re used to. This is a natural process that usually stems from childhood experiences and early relationships. Your unconscious gravitates towards what is most familiar and feels right. These are the guys you tend to feel most attracted to from the start. The problem is…

What’s most familiar to you may not be ideal for you or even compatible with you in the long run. What feels right is not necessarily right.

So I call these unconscious patterns the dead-end dating patterns. In my book, Love in 90 days, I have identified 13 main patterns that cause disaffection over and over again. For now, we will deal with the five primaries. Once you understand your pattern, you don’t have to repeat it.

Dead-End Dating Pattern Test: Determine your dead-end dating patterns

Group A. Answer the following questions. You:

  1. Act in a perfectionist and demanding way when it comes to men?
  2. Do you often have one night stops?
  3. Fantasy and fall for men who are unavailable and out of reach?
  4. Sometimes he is attracted to a nerdy guy when another woman flirts with him.
  5. Do you find yourself trapped in fast relationships?

Group B. Answer the following questions.

When it comes to men:

  1. You tend to be more conservative about your sexual activities and partner choice.
  2. Relationship leaks almost before they started?
  3. You think there is a great love in your life, a twin soul prince, and you are resisting it, no matter what it costs.
  4. You may be embarrassed to introduce your boyfriend to friends or family.
  5. Do you have the feeling that men are leaving the moment you give in to their search?

Dead-End Dating Pattern Test: Determine your dead-end dating patterns

Group C. Answer the following questions

Thinking about your chances of having a “happy forever”:

  1. You think you deserve the fairy tale and you are demanding, demanding, demanding.
  2. Forget about it! You love sex and fun without compromise.
  3. You take soft, albeit plentiful foods, from a semi-available boy.
  4. Be pessimistic and do your best with whoever shows up and hooks up with you.
  5. You enter, believing that the magical feeling of love will conquer everything.

Group D. Answer the following questions.

Your biggest lack of love:

  1. It was that things didn’t work out with a guy who looked absolutely perfect, you found out he had a fatal flaw.
  2. What lovelessness? You’ve been too busy having fun, especially in bed.
  3. It’s underway – you have a relationship with an amazing guy who can’t commit.
  4. You don’t have big heartbreaks. This is for women who only think with their heart.
  5. You have the feeling that he has deceived you: he chased you hard and then disappeared.

Group E. Answer the following questions.

A very smart guy would come to you totally for:

  1. Make changes to present a good image of a couple in the world.
  2. Hold on to it even though you tell him you don’t want a relationship and walk away from him.
  3. Give yourself a platinum wedding, with a dress to die for.
  4. Be practical, helpful and a good teammate.
  5. Get to know yourself really and without pressure about sex.

Dead End Pattern Test: Count Your Answers

Total answers from group A: _________

Total B answers: _________

Answers from group c: _________

Total D answers: _________

Total E answers: _________

Dead-End Dating Patterns Quiz: Determine Your Main Type (s)

Mostly in: Not perfect, I’ll pass – You interact with a number of men and you quickly stop seeing them because of the various flaws they each have: this guy is too cynical; that one has bad teeth; the other does not have the right job.

Mainly b: Chase me – Almost against your will, you find yourself running away while secretly trusting that he will chase you.

Mostly c: Molles – You tend to get involved with men (maybe married or an irresistible player) who see you from time to time and only when it works on their schedule.

Mainly from: The safety net – You stay with the guy who is safe even though you don’t really like him that much.

Mostly e: The Flame Out – Come strong, say all the right things, then disappear the moment you win.

Remember that the test of dating patterns reveals your unconscious patterns. So don’t be embarrassed by what you discover here!

Dead End Dating Pattern Test: Success story for INSPIRATION

Diane, who was caught in the Spring pattern (group C), chose to escape completely. He went into training with one of my mentors, got a new closet, and threw away all his old clothes. She started wearing colorful dresses that showed her hourglass figure. Diane says:

My coach has really helped me learn to experience myself as valuable and deserving in a way I had never done before. This allowed me to finally become responsible for my love life! I finished things with my boyfriend, Larry. And I began to feel free and more empowered. Choosing the guys that didn’t seem to interest me was a challenge at first, but then it was fun, as if I was designing a dance card for a new self. I’m dating two different men who look crazy to me and I just met a third one at the gym. I feel like a mini-bachelorette! And I’m making a ball!

Like Diane, you can break free from your old self-sabotage patterns and create a surprisingly fantastic dating experience in a whole new way! One that leads to love that fulfills the call of your heart.

I know you have more questions on this topic. Get an answer in a one-on-one session with one of my amazing hand-selected love coaches. Agenda here as my gift to you.

I wish you the best love for the soul mate this year,

Dr. Diana

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