The Obvious Red Flag You Should Never Ignore When Dating (Matthew Hussey & Stephen Hussey)

Christian Match – Should Christian Couples Kiss Before Marriage?

In this day and age of dating such a question might seem ridiculous to the world, however, in the eyes of single Christian men and women it remains one of many moral dilemmas faced in the dating arena. Whether dating for the first time or you area convinced this is your Christian match, Christian couples want and need to know just how far is far enough when it comes to kissing and other forms of physical intimacy. In search of answers to this question one must seek the bible to see what God has to say about kissing.

Love, Are You Soul Mate Savvy?

Single people often ask me how will they know who their soul mate is. I tell them its kind of like looking for a new house. You don’t know what your new house looks like until you see it… but you certainly have done a great deal of research and given ample time and energy to investigating what matters to you in your new home. You’ve considered your needs, wants and desires and probably even hired a professional to help you in your search. Why wouldn’t you do the same for your life partner?

Christian Match Making: 7 Questions Single Christian Women Need To Ask Single Christian Men

As a single Christian woman there are many questions you might have regarding your future, potential marriage, or dating life in general. By reading the Bible and knowing what standards God has set before us in regards to our Christian match, it makes it much easier. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Manifesting Your Soul Mate

Tired of Kissing Frogs? Hone your manifesting skills… Actually you already started! Assuming that you read “Love… Are You Soul Mate Savvy?” and followed the steps you’re already off to a great start!

Christian Match Making: Should Single Christian Women Wear Bikinis?

Should a single Christian woman wear a bikini? Does the way a woman dress affect her ability to find her Christian match? The way we dress has changed a lot over the last fifty years and swimwear has changed right along with it.

Attract Women With Body Language – Obtain the Full Scoop!

Many people are under the impression that their money, status, and their looks primarily make a woman fall for them. The truth, nonetheless, is that women don’t care so much about a man’s appearance and how rich and popular he is. Instead, how you approach and deal with a lady is what can make her fall for you. The art of body language might be so difficult to fully understand and learn, and this is why, a lot of guys out there do not know what it is about.

Single Christian Men and Women and Physical Intimacy Such As Kissing, Touching and Having Sex

Single Christian men and women in their everyday lives sometimes encounter people with whom they experience physical intimacies. As part of our good Christian daily living, we should know how to deal with it so that it will help us in attaining our Christian heart’s desires rather than lead us to misunderstandings, heartaches, troubles and wrong decisions. Physical intimacy or perceived closeness within close proximity, with or without physical contact could be manifested in human relations with feelings such as close friendships, love or sexual attractions.

Single Christian Men and Women – Getting Ready for A Relationship

For our single Christian men and women who are in the age of majority, the thoughts of having a relationship and eventually marriage cross their minds. However, getting into a relationship especially serious ones is not an easy task to do and has to be well thought of in order to be successful and happy in life. Before you can be ready for a relationship, one has to prepare for it.

How to Be an Effective Military Wife

It’s never easy being a military wife: deployments, constant movements, finances, children, and plenty of other responsibilities. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot manage all of them. You can be a successful, effective military wife.

Celebrate Singlehood in Seven Ways

You can be alone but never be lonely. If you are worried that you are not yet married or do not have a lifetime partner, then the following ideas will surely lift your spirits. You can definitely learn to celebrate your singlehood…

Don’t Let The Fear of Being Alone Control You: Tips on How to Combat the Fear – And Win!

The fear of being alone plays havoc with many. It drives them to find, develop and stay in relationships which are not good for them. When they get up the courage to combat the fear and free themselves from its grip they can find and develop a healthy and satisfying relationship.

Single Christian Women Professionals – Living Alone

Inherited thru generations of Christian living from the Medieval period up to the present, the purpose of work to provide for the physical needs of one’s family as well as to avoid the sin of idleness stayed with us. It was because of this work ethic woven into our religion that the typical attitude of single Christian women was formed. Somebody’s got to do it especially in a household where there are no men, as women have to take charge in order to move forward.

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