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At The Gottman Institute, we are proud of the content and resources we offer to help you have a better relationship with your partner and your loved ones. This year millions of you came to the Gottman Relationship Blog for more information on conflict management, staying connected, having better sex, and finding the right partner. Check out our most popular blog posts of the year.

Red flag / green flag: what to look for when leaving

When you have a partner, how do you know if someone is right for you? In this article, Elizabeth Earnshaw provides the warning signs and positive traits that you should consider. “I think you can use that … as soon as the first date to start paying attention to whether or not you want to continue with the other person.”

How are things going?

Infidelity is still a difficult event to discuss if you are affected by an affair as a couple or if you are the doctor helping them. Gottman Certified Therapist Jinashree Rajendrakumar points to research to explain the origins of infidelity. If you’ve ever wondered what causes a couple to stray from their relationship, read more about the cascade of an adventure.

4 styles of conflict that hurt your relationship

The Gottmans hold the truth that conflict is inevitable in any relationship. The way you argue is important to the overall health of your association. This article breaks down the ways in which couples struggle that are telltale signs of staying together or separating. Learn how to manage conflicts in a healthy way.

3 Ways to Make a Better Bid for Connection

Have you heard of “fuzzy bidding?” It’s that attempt to connect with your partner that falls flat because it’s not obvious enough. Don’t let a good time get in the way of joining. Here are three simple tips on clear deals that make it easy for your partner to turn to you.

Three common mistakes that couples make during conflicts

Arguing all the time is exhausting. Couples often make the same mistakes in conflict over and over again and stay in perpetual parallel. Marriage therapist Andrew G. Marshall helps you get to the root of what keeps you and your partner in circles.

The deepest meaning of trust

We know that trust is one of the pillars of the Sound Relationship House theory. Without him, a relationship is unstable. But what is trust? How does it work between you and your partner and how does it help you as a partner? Gottman’s therapist, Genesis Games, explains what it means to trust each other and how it reinforces your commitment.

The easiest way to improve your relationship

Did you know we make videos here at The Gottman Institute? Check out this special feature where you can see offers and “turn around” pictures illustrated in this popular YouTube clip.

How to have a meeting of the state of the Union

A “State of the Union” is not a matter of politics. The Gottmans use this term to describe the very important conversation you and your partner routinely need to keep up to date and stay connected each week. Gottman Certified Therapist Kimberly Panganiban explains this basic concept of Gottman.

How to get in the mood for sex (even when you don’t feel it)

When it comes to sex, we love the ingenious and realistic advice of Dr. Cheryl Fraser. In this blog post, he explains to readers how to create sexual desire no matter how they feel. “One of the many beautiful things about long-term love is learning new ways to explore the dance of eroticism together. Don’t expect passion. Instead, choose to become a passion.”

Passion and romance in marriage: how it becomes bitter

A popular topic for our readers is what to do when you lose your spark. Dra. Gottman’s certified therapist Susan O’Grady shares ways to get it back so you both feel nurtured and refreshed.

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