The meaning of the luck of the Irish

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of Luck of the Irish is all about? In this episode of the Breathe love and magic podcast, I explore the luck of the Irishman and then I took a deeper dive to find out if luck is real or imaginary.

The definition of luck

do you feel luckyFirst, I checked with Wikipedia to see how they define luck. “Good luck it is the phenomenon and belief that defines the experience of remarkably positive, negative, or unlikely events. “

Then I read an article on Psychology today magazine that explained how believing in luck has a useful function in your life. It helps you deal with emotional events like a natural disaster or a car accident.

So, if your house is ruined by a storm, but you and your family are fine, then you’re in luck. Another example is a serious car accident. If you have survived or escaped unharmed, this is certainly a reason to think that you are lucky.

It turns out that believing in luck can create a greater sense of optimism about circumstances beyond your control, which is really a big part of life.

Before I get into the meaning of Irish luck, I want to learn more about how scientists now see what luck is.

Luck is related to risk and chance

The BBC had an article on the subject saying: “Luck is a really interesting aspect of risk and chance”. Dr Mike Aitken of Cambridge University says research suggests that people who consider themselves lucky are actually lucky. This is because they are willing to take more risks and take advantage of opportunities.

A Canadian study led to the creation of a “luck scale”. This was intended to disprove the idea that belief in luck is related to a person’s self-esteem and satisfaction with life.

But, they found that people who believe they are lucky naturally tend to be more optimistic about future success. This was especially true after a lucky event. In other words, a “Lucky Break” makes people feel safer!

Even Forbes Magazine I had an article about how luck affects your success, and they also suggested that it will definitely make a difference.

Luck plays a real role in success

good luck builds trustLast but not least, I read a fascinating article American scientist which gathered data from various sources on luck. Surprisingly, it became clear that luck and opportunity play a much more important role in success than originally anticipated.

A group of Italian scientists created a successful model to simulate the factors of life. This included circumstances, personality traits, and opportunities, discovering that luck plays an important role.

Most people assume that success is the result of intelligence, talent, perseverance, and optimism, among other qualities. However, many smart and talented people are not the ones who succeed.

So yes, luck is real and it sure matters!

The meaning of the luck of the Irish

the goblins are luckyI also explored the meaning of “The Luck of the Irish.” There are two different schools of thought about this.

It turns out that the phrase the fate of the Irish came from the US in the 1800s during the California gold rush. Apparently, many of the miners who hit him big were Irish.

The other area of ​​Irish luck has to do with the Irish Folts, the Golden Pot and the Fairies. They are also called Tuatha by Danann (pronounced two a day).

I can’t say I’ve met any goblins, but I saw a fairy tree when I visited Ireland. Looking out the window of my tour bus, I saw a tree with many branches spread wide, many near the ground were full of colored ribbons tied everywhere, waving in the breeze.

The tapes represent the prayers and wishes of the people, tied there with the hope that the fairies will grant them or bring them good luck. Reading more, according to traditional Irish folklore, when you see a hawthorn tree in the middle of a field or on the side of the road like me, it is called a fairy tree.

Fairy trees are portals to fairies

do you feel luckyIt is considered to be a gateway between two worlds: mortal humans and the magical world of fairies, also called Fay (Fae). Going down to the roots connects the energy with the magical places where the fairies reside.

Today, we can observe fairy trees sprinkling the field, often in ancient pagan and sacred places. For example, there are fairy trees near Tara Hill, Santa Brígida Well, and Killary Harbor.

The Irish take their legends seriously, especially about fairy people. As magical beings, they can grant you good fortune or curse you. Therefore, it is best to do nothing to remove a fairy tree.

Apparently, the DeLorean car factory was built on a site where the well-known fairy tree and company field were dropped years later.

So for today’s meditative journey to take advantage of the luck of the Irish, we will tread respectfully as we visit this magical land.

Meditation to connect with the luck of the Irish

Given all this talk about how luck is real, I thought it would be helpful to know and connect with the meaning of Irish luck, given that St. Patrick’s Day is here. Of course, you can increase your luck at any time of the year!

This is a fun display where you can ask for a wish and line up your chakras to be open to luck. Enjoy meditation and your new good luck found or improved. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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