The lost art of goodness and why 2022 is the year to regain it

I think we’re all familiar with the terms “kind” and “kind.”

But have you ever wondered exactly what these two words mean? What are we really saying when we say “she’s nice” or “he’s kind?”

We often use words interchangeably to describe people. A nice man holds the door for your date, and a kind man too; both actions indicate that someone is considered with others. The problem is that the motivations of our friendly man’s opening door and our kind man are very, very different.

We explore these motivations by breaking down the dictionary definitions of these two words.

Beautiful: the quality of being kind, generous and considerate.

Kind: to do something useful to others, or that comes from the desire to do good without the need for return or return.

According to these two definitions, if the motivations of the man who opens the doors are to save you extra effort or inconvenience, the action should be considered kind as well as pleasant if the other person likes it. But if her only goal is to open the door, for her to think he is a gentleman, then yes, she is nice, but there is no kindness.

Understand that you do not have to give up your wishes and desires when you kindly leave. Goodness is not a one-way street. Kindness is about doing good deeds without expecting anything in return. This is.

And although it may seem relatively simple, it is quite complicated for most people. This is because most singles, and people in general, are quite selfish. This is not to say that they only think of themselves, but when it comes to the happiness of one respect for another, the needle of goodness usually points inward.

So your starting point here is to understand that the best barometer to indicate if you are kind or just kind to someone is when you do something for someone, ask yourself why you did it?

Another way to look at the kindness / kindness quotient is to say that being kind makes you feel good and is a way to improve your social standing, but being kind is an act of doing good and a way to elevate others.

Let me explore this with a simple scenario that often happens to me when I’m in town. When I pass another person, I will smile or greet, and if I don’t get a smile or a smile, I get angry.

So when I do this, I’m kind, but am I kind? Obviously I’m being kind, not kind. The reason is simple; I hope something comes back. If I do the same act of greeting without waiting for one or a smile, guess what? I am no longer upset and will feel no negative feelings towards others.

The bottom line is that when more of your actions are kind than just pleasant, it has a liberating effect on your soul. For singles, kindness is also a super attractive quality and can make you even more desirable to potential partners. That said, kindness cannot be a one-way street where the world is filled with your good deeds. However, this is not true kindness because being kind is not always pleasant. For example, sometimes being kind means telling your date that your breath doesn’t smell good or that you might want to refrain from using curses in public settings.

We can even show kindness when we end a relationship. Watch my video below for tips on breaking up with someone kindly.

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Kindness allows, and requires, you to set appropriate boundaries and communicate those boundaries to those around you. When you live kindly, you are much less concerned about your image and how your dating life progresses because you don’t care about your season or image in life. On the other hand, pleasurable acts are often ways to control others and the world around you, while kindness allows you to give up control and look for ways to help others.

It is liberating in this way.

I am aware that very few of us can wake up tomorrow and be that kind of Mother Teresa type who suppurates goodness. No, my goal when it comes to writing this is to start considering when you’re kind and when you’re dating. From time to time, ask yourself, “Did I do this because it’s a nice thing or because you gave up control and thought of the other person before you?”

I firmly believe that when you come out with a little more kindness into your life, you will have more fun with dating and be on a fast track to attracting and keeping your dream partner forever.

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