The Logistics of “Love” | Talk. Listen. Change. #87

Tips for Going Clubbing for Men

I’m just going to say it right now, I hate clubbing. The music’s too loud, a lot of creepy guys are there, and people in my crew are always getting drunk. Not to mention that the club has its reputation as one of the hardest places to pick up women. However for all the negatives there are, I find myself going there every week. On a Saturday night, that’s where all the attractive women on.

Male Dating Mistakes That Keep Men Lonely

Ever wonder what is keeping you from getting more dates with sensual, beautiful women? There are two big stumbling blocks that some men don’t even realize prevent them from attracting a high quality female.

Combining Western Astrology & The 5 Elements To Determine Love Compatibility

A sequel to “Using The 5 Elements & 4 Seasons For Love Compatibility”. You will discover which kind of birthdates to look out for when looking for a potential lover.After reading this article, you will have an 80% success rate in finding your soul mate. If you are a Cancerian born on June 23, which birthdates are the most compatible with you? Read on to find out…

5 Tips to Seduce Women Instantly — Even Those You Don’t Deserve

There are no secrets to seduce women. But there are fundamentals that 98% of men don’t know about. Just simply knowing these 5 fundamentals will quickly sky rocket your seduction skills.

How to Win a Woman Back and Seduce Her

A bad way to use the art of seduction is to send her flowers or jewelry or another type of present, because this only re-enforces her view of you as just another guy trying to win her over. But, if you can get her something that requires her to participate to have good feelings, those feelings will be attached to you.

Free Tips For Seducing a Woman

Be genuine in the art of seduction and sound real, the part that makes it work is once you’ve gained her confidence and are enjoying yourselves, begin to slightly intrude, I mean slightly! Mention the beginnings of a story about a friend of yours – one with a sexual flavor to it.

Three Problems To Avoid When Using Completely Free Dating Sites

If you are looking for completely free dating sites there are three things you must know if you don’t want to become a victim of spammers, and fake profiles. Three specific tips will help save you time and grief.

Using The 5 Elements & 4 Seasons For Love Compatibility

Discover how the 5 elements and 4 seasons determine your love compatibility. If you are born in the winter season, what kind of love partner should you look for? Read all about it in this article…

Singles, Dating and Relationships – 7 Summer Tips for Singles

Do you know the seven things singles can still do to make this a great summer? You will when you read and use this article.

How to Make the First Move in Seduction

You should jot down certain moments such as where you can progress from getting a woman’s number, to touching her, to kissing her and to seducing her. The transition should seem non-offensive and non-intentional. You do not want to come on as being too aggressive or too needy.

A Closer Look At American Muslim

American Muslim has become a significant part of the country’s culture, as they contribute in many ways.

Jewish Singles – How to Actively Await Your Beshert

Marriage is the most extraordinary and unnatural of all human experiences. The misconception that marriage is natural is what makes so many marriages to fail. Attraction is natural, feelings are natural, sexuality is natural… but marriage is something we have to learn and make work.

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