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“Err is human,” or at least that’s what Alexander Pope said. Of course, he was one of the greatest poets of all time, but he was also a kind of idiot and knew nothing about online dating. When it comes to dating apps, “To Err is to buy a ticket to Left-Swipe Town. Town: You.” these are biographies, the biggest problem I see with clients over and over again is ratings. Qualifiers are a death sentence, and you probably have some on your profile. There are two types of adjectives, and I regularly see both. Today we will review the direct qualifications and explain how to detect the indirect qualifiers next week.

Classifications 101

There are two important things to keep in mind when writing your biography, and you need to understand both to understand how harmful qualifiers are to your profiles.

  1. The most attractive women in dating apps have an abundance mindset. They have more matches than they can reasonably handle, which means they slide to the left randomly and frequently. Think of it this way: You’re in charge of hiring your business and get 50 resumes for a position you’re hiring for. Of these 50 resumes, 20 are perfect for the job. Same degree, same training, same references. Obviously, you can’t hire 20 of them. Instead, you’ll probably cheat on their resumes until you’ve cut them short. Women in dating apps are doing the same. It’s brutal, but unfortunately it’s inevitable. Let’s make sure we avoid getting out of the race.

  2. There is often a gap between what you are trying to say i what is perceived you are saying. Always, always, ALWAYS consider how you will be perceived. She doesn’t know you. The only information he has about you is the information in your biography and what he can discern from your photos.

Okay, now that we have the prerequisites out of the way, let’s go halfway.

I want…

The most common type of adjective I see is the “I want” variety. If you have a phrase in your biography that starts with “I want to,” “I’m looking for,” “Slide right,” or anything else that makes her wait, I’m sorry to tell you. your profile has been infested with qualifiers. Spray the area, burn your sheets and start over.

“I’m looking for someone to laugh with for hours on our first date”

“Let’s take Chinese food and talk about life”

“If you like hiking and music festivals as much as I do, swipe right”

“I’m looking for someone who has the same passion as me.”

“I want a pussy.”

Some of these qualifiers are subtle, some not so subtle, but they will all lower your match rate. What if she’s funny but also introverted and will be a little shy on the first date? It will slide to the left because you may notice that you are looking for an extroverted comic. What if you hate Chinese food, but is it perfect for you? What if you go hiking from time to time, but do you plan to go hiking several times a week? I’m not trying to say that you’re not allowed to talk about your hobbies, but can you tell the difference between “I like hiking” and “I’m looking for someone who likes hiking”? It’s perfectly fine to talk about your interests. The problem is when you put an expectation on it to do so qualify to match you.

I do not want…

The qualifier “I don’t want” is significantly more harmful than the qualifier “I want” because it adds the perceived element of the bastard.

“Please don’t match me if you’re overweight”

“I am not interested in women [insert race] (or I’m just interested [insert race]”

“If your biography is empty, don’t bother to match me”

“I won’t follow your Instagram, so don’t try”

“If you go to a ghost after a match, don’t bother”

“I’m so fed up with this shit. Just send me a message if you’re really interested in dating.”

I get a lot from customers. I get it, you’re incredibly frustrated. Online dating can be brutal and daunting. However, the use of “I don’t want” adjectives will reject the same women you are looking to match. You’re losing the potential to match all the women who are offended by what you’ve written. I don’t know any woman who slips right into a guy who comments on racial preferences or overweight women on his profile. Also, a dating profile is not a good place to vent about the frustrations of online dating. You have a very short period of time to express to you, through your dating profile, who you are as a person. If you spend it complaining, they will perceive you as complaining. Makes sense? No one wants to go on a date with someone who seems perpetually angry.

MOST IMPORTANT: It is completely ineffective. I repeat: it is COMPLETELY ineffective. You will not attract more fit women by claiming that you are only looking for fit women. You will not attract sincere and genuine women by claiming that you are fed up with empty biography. Please listen to me carefully here – the reason you’re not matching matches is because your dating profile is non-competitive. The only way to increase the quality of your matches is to improve your profile. You’ll still see profiles of women you’re not interested in, but as you increase the quality of your profile, you’ll also start matching women you they are you are interested, because you will show more effectively the characteristics that make you a romantic partner.

In conclusion: qualifiers = bad. Increase your profile quality = good. If you don’t get to meet people who are interested in you, you can make an appointment with your friendly dating consultant and she’ll fix it for you (it’s me. I’m talking about me).



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