The best places to meet women

Written by men’s dating coach Gary Gunn, founder of Social Attraction

In this article, I will show you the best places to meet women when you are alone. I’ve also included some simple steps to help you get closer, get involved, and have instant dating with women from these places.

It will help you avoid the following:

  • Lose thousands of opportunities to meet attractive women in your daily life
  • Lose hundreds of hours going to places to meet women and start zero conversations
  • Be frustrated and disappointed by the lack of success in your life as a couple

No one should feel so helpless in their dating life – it’s wrong.

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The best places to meet women in the cities?

The best place to meet single women in cities is to find the best Instagram photo locations.

As Instagram has gone crazy all over the world, women are flocking to these sites to take pictures.

So in these areas, you will find women from all over the world drinking coffee, eating food, and taking pictures.

Instagram hotspots

For example, here are the top three Instagram photo attractions in London:

You can go to and around Tower Bridge, and you’ll find that there are always tourists taking pictures with the amazing backdrop, which makes it easy to start a conversation.

If you go to the top of The Shard, you’ll meet a lot of different people on holiday or on tour. Again, this is an easy place to start conversations with women.

Passing by Piccadilly Circus at any time of the year, people take pictures even in the rain or freezing temperatures.

Approaching women

In my experience, it’s one thing to know where to meet women and another to have the courage to start a conversation.

Almost all men are anxious to approach and engage attractive women in a conversation.

I’ve created the following infographic guide to help you get closer to the women in these places. You can also read my article on focus anxiety for more information on how to address this issue.

3 ways to help reduce anxiety when meeting women

The best places to meet women for free?

The best places to meet women for free in London are art galleries, museums and historic buildings.

Culture venues attract women from all over the world and students and women on day trips.

So you’ll find a lot of single women, and if you know the areas, this presents the perfect opportunity to go on some instant dating.

Art galleries

My personal favorite art gallery is the Tate Modern Art Gallery. The Tate is a wonderful gallery in the heart of London. Regardless of the fantastic work of art, it is worth visiting, as the building is colossal and unique.

You will find many opportunities to meet women of different nationalities and many opportunities to start conversations in the gallery, outside the gallery, or in the lobby where people usually congregate.

In addition, on the 10th floor of the Blavatnik building, a viewpoint platform overlooks all of London. This observation platform attracts many people who go there to take pictures with the incredible backdrop of London and the River Thames.

Free visits to the gallery

Free visits to galleries at the Tate Modern or any gallery in the world is a great idea.

There are so many opportunities to meet women on tour and hone your conversation skills.

Imagine that after the tour you meet a girl outside; now you’re equipped to talk about the artwork in the gallery (which, if you don’t know, is very appealing to educated women).

Location of the first appointment

If you know a girl around the art gallery, you can also go on an instant date with one of the visitors.

This is one of the best first dates you can have with women because you are:

  • Doing something cultural
  • Demonstrating intelligence
  • Sharing a memorable experience together

Please check out my infographic below for some great first date tips that will help make any appointment dynamic and fun. You can also read my first dating tips article for more information on dating strategies.

3 ways to flirt during a first date

The best places to meet women during the day?

The best places to meet women during the day are the squares of the city, where people tend to spend time hanging out and absorbing themselves in the atmosphere.

A great example of a city square is Trafalgar Square in London. Trafalgar Square is one of the busiest places in London.

There are always women who take pictures outside and then go into the National Gallery.

City squares

The city squares are great places to meet women when the sun goes down, as the atmosphere is amazing. Street musicians and street performers contribute to a dynamic and friendly mood, making it an ideal place to start conversations with women.

I remember training a 28-year-old client of mine three years ago. It was great to meet women in the evening and social settings, but he had never approached a girl during the day. This was an easy solution: I took him to Trafalgar Square and taught him to ask the girls to take a picture of him, which is an easy way to start a conversation with any woman. Then I gave him instructions on some simple strategies to keep the conversation going naturally. From this simple starting point, he was able to go to three consecutive coffee appointments at Cafe Nero in front of Trafalgar Square.

I’ve created the infographic guide below to give you more ways to get closer to women during the day. You can also read my article on how to approach women, which describes how to implement each approach.

9 ways to help you get closer and meet women in new places

The best places to meet foreign women?

The best place to meet foreign women is to take a tour of the city.

In most European cities, many of the tours are free. Just give what you want in the end.

There are plenty of excursions to choose from in London, such as walks, open bus tours and ghost tours.

Visits to the city

In addition to absorbing the culture of the area, you will find that many women tourists participate.

Absorbing the route information offers you other advantages, as you can take a woman on a first or second date to the exact place with yourself as a guide.

Being articulate and knowledgeable in this way conveys attractive qualities to women.

Social opportunities

In addition, once you’ve acquired the route information, you can use it on a date or when you meet more people. This again increases your conversational skills and makes you a more interesting and attractive man.

In addition to being a great opportunity to meet women, the advantage of a city tour is that the local boy or girl who hosts the visit can often give you information about any event that takes place in that city. night.

You may even find that you are invited to meet people later in the evening. To help you navigate to get closer and talk to women in a night setting, I’ve designed the following infographic. You can also read my step-by-step guide on how to approach a girl in a bar.

5 ways to meet women in bars

The best places to meet a lot of women?

The best place to meet a lot of women is to visit the different vintage markets of a city.

These are always crowded and attract many locals and visitors from all over the world.

In fact, the London markets are a great place to meet women of different nationalities all year round.

City markets

One of my favorites is Spitalfields Market. It has all kinds of food, clothes and other forecasts.

It’s a covered market, so it’s a great place to meet women when it rains.

Another big market is Camden Market, a major market with a lot of traffic. The food there is exceptional, especially its designated outdoor patio that serves food from around the world.

Food markets

In fact, food markets offer another great opportunity to meet women. On weekends, especially on Sundays, everyone usually gathers at the food markets.

For example, Brick Lane Market is a famous fashion market that attracts groups of women.

In my experience, the weekend food markets are:

  • Lively and sociable places
  • Ideal opportunities to meet women
  • A great way to spend the weekend

So find out what’s going on over the weekend in your city of residence or the city you’re visiting. Then you can start planning your weekend around this, as these events offer several opportunities to meet women during the day.

Project to meet women

The information in this article is a plan that you can use anywhere in the world to meet different women.

Now that you know where to meet single women, the next steps are to be able to start a conversation, flirt with women, connect in a conversation, and have a few dates.

This is where I can help. To learn more about social attraction coaching, visit our Transformational Confidence Courses page.


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  • Art galleries
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  • Visits to the city
  • Vintage art and food markets

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