Six Steps to Saving a Relationship

Learn their love language

She may love the touch and yet you will never hold her hand. Gifts may be yours but not yours. Find out what their language is and give it to them. Ask him to do the same. Talk about it. It’s fun and can really make a difference in knowing how to save a relationship.

Save a relationship by learning how to communicate properly

Do you know how to argue? I bet no. They don’t teach these things in school. Arguments begin because one or both of you think you are right and there is no alternative but yours.

Not understanding where the other person is coming from can ruin a marriage. There are always two sides to a discussion, and you find yourself listening to your partner.

For example, you may find that your husband is not affectionate, not because he doesn’t love you, but because his father never showed affection for his mother when he was older. And the few times he did, his mother rejected him because he was drunk.

When you listen, you discover that you have the wrong reason to start. Your boy is tired because of a childhood memory. This is how relationships fail and how you can save a relationship by understanding the right communication.

Learn the importance of time

People fight when it is unleashed. But the right time to deal with complaints is when we get along and things are going well.

This can be difficult. Nobody wants to say bad things when we have fun picking apples, drinking cider and eating donuts.

But this is the exact time to ask your partner questions about how you can make things better between you!

Try it. Explain things that bother you with positive win-win solutions. You will be amazed!

Create a gain / gain
In my best-selling international book, The power to communicate, I speak of a time when I was stopped for speeding in Florida. I was doing 90 mph, from top to bottom, on my Jaguar.

When I was stopped, I could see that the soldier was not happy. Before I could get to my car, I said, “Sir, I’m an idiot, I just got back from Boston, and I was giving my car a good run to get rid of the rust. My departure is a mile later and I didn’t see any agents, so I shot her.! ”

He sat on the railing, pulled away from me, and seemed to be laughing.

He was.

He said, “In my 25 years no one has ever been so honest with me! ”

I proved I lived in Boston, we chatted more and he said, “Have a nice day. ”

What happened? I provided a win / win for both. You see, cops want respect, and they rarely get it. I respected him for being honest. Everyone denies speeding or doing something wrong. I did the opposite. I admitted that I was wrong, explained why, and was rewarded with what I wanted: not to endanger a driving crime.

Six steps to save a summary of the relationship

Follow these six steps to save a relationship. Stay away and evaluate the constant arguments. Listen respectfully and learn where it comes from and then make a win / win plan to fix the situation.

If we all did that, the world would be so much better.

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