Single in Thanksgiving? 5 tips

It’s hard to believe that our long 2021 is coming to an end, along with the holiday season. As a dating coach, I talk weekly with most clients and there’s no reason to stress about dating, family, and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. It’s a long weekend, with many opportunities! (Tip # 3)

So here we go:

1. Get ready for the Inquisition

Inevitably, an aunt, cousin, or friend will innocently ask you about your love life. “Are you seeing someone” is the first question during the holidays. Some good answers might include, “Oh yeah, I’m going out a lot, I just haven’t met him yet” to “I’m so busy training for a triathlon, plan to think about going out soon” — That proves you have a life! Followed by a “tell me what’s new and exciting in your life.” Don’t get stuck explaining your dating strategies and throw the ball on their court.


2. Limits!

Get ready for these bland questions that can make you feel depressed by setting expectations for yourself. Does your uncle ask too many questions? Change places on the couch during snacks. Get moving and talk to everyone. Can you imagine asking your uncle how his marriage is going? It’s the same !!

3. It’s a day —- then you have Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Cyber ​​Monday to wait!

Because? These are four of the most important online dating days on the Internet. YES! You will see all kinds of offers / discounts / promotions, from wedding services to applications / dating sites. And what does this mean for you as a complete online person or a newcomer to dating? OPPORTUNITY! Save! Oh, my only week of cyber dating a year starts today, with a 20% discount on all my services. Sign up quickly because it won’t last long. New for a Dating Coach — Click here for questions to ask.

Singles come to these places during the long weekend – a nice time to have a glass of wine or craft beer, open the iPad and decide which place is right for you. (Or ask me, this is what I do!).

4. No plans? Make plans!


I have only one client, Kirsten, in Chicago who made plans to go to the German Christmas markets: she has been on 4 dates with Jeff, who is very impressed that she is traveling alone. Another Los Angeles customer sent a text message for a Friendsgiving to 40 of their closest and loved ones. What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ” On the last day of turkey, my client Michael went to a Friendsgiving sun in Boston (yes, I pushed him a little) and Liz and Michael have been out ever since. Spoiler alert: Since Liz is not reading this, I suspect that a bright little gift from Michael will arrive next week.

5. Be grateful and don’t focus on your singleness that day.

While I’m not a fan of the tradition of going around the table explaining everything you’re grateful for, you might just want to think about T-Day and make a few calls (or text messages) to people. that you love and that you have. been out of touch with — will make them the day too.

Bonus tip: Why wait until 2022 to jump into your love life? Now is a festive and fun time of year and it is no better to start on the path to a new adventure and relationship. Register HERE to enjoy 20% savings.


Happy first day of Thanksgiving!

Love, Andrea

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