Signs Your relationship Won’t Last Long Term Pt. 2 | Talk. Listen. Change. #86

Speed Dating – Men, Your Time Starts Now!

Most people now know about the speed dating concept, it’s the fast and furious dating trend that sees you dating a whole array of singles in one night, yet women traditionally register in higher numbers that men, why?

Email Etiquette for Dating Christian Singles

Email etiquette, or lack thereof, can be a huge turnoff when conversing with the opposite sex online. Find out how proper email etiquette can help you make the most of your online dating experience.

What Makes Angelina Jolie More Compatible With Brad Pitt?

Discover why Angelina Jolie is a better match for Brad Pitt by using Indian Numerology to calculate their compatibility. Just 9 Simple Steps,2 Secret Formulas,you can get the result within 2 minutes.

My History in the Personals – A Dramedy in Unending Acts

I was among the advance guard of the “Personals” era. I began scouting for potential partners when all there was was a skinny column in the daily newspaper or the weekly alternative. Soon there were also voices to hear and these methods resulted in both good and bad experiences. But with the advent of the internet everything ramped up. So that today it’s a numbers game — compare yours with min — and remember it can still be a fascinating game at that.

How to Be an Appealing Woman and Capture His Heart

Ever wonder why some women attract men like magnet? In other words, some women are simply adorable that makes men run after them. There are factors why some women are very appealing and it’s not only age and beauty. There are women in their prime age and yet they are still irresistible. Here are some tips on how to be an appealing woman.

What to Look For In a Potential Single Christian Date

Finding a soul partner who shares the same faith to date can be daunting and at times, sound a little bit too far-fetched. Thankfully, there are Christian Dating sites that make it possible for Christians from all walks of life to narrow down the search. Still, it’s really all about knowing what you want to look for. But do you?

Chinese Zodiac Signs For Love Compatibility Analysis

Learn about the story of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Discover how you can analyze love compatibility using the Chinese Zodiac signs.

How To Get A Girlfriend

Ever wonder why some guys get lots of success with the girls and others get none… is it that the successful guys are funnier, more confident, better looking? I don’t think so. These things help sure but in my article I give my opinion on the real reason why some gets lots of girls and others get none.

Dealing With a Stalker Takes Firmness and Persistence

If you find yourself in a relationship with someone who won’t let you break up with him or her, no matter what you do or say, then cut it off cold turkey and don’t look back. If the person stalks you, here is some insight on how to deal with the situation.

Tips for Picking Up Women

When you see an attractive woman, assess the situation and make eye contact. Don’t stare and don’t look like a psycho. Apply the “3 second rule”…

Singles Cruises – Where Single People Mingle

Don’t you hate it when people steal glances at you because you are eating out alone? Don’t you get infuriated when your friends and families set you up in a blind date with every single man or woman in their address book? Don’t you feel bad when most of your friends are dancing with their partners while you stay at your table to look after their kids in wedding parties and reunions?

Prettier From a Distance

Sometimes I’ll watch a movie and pick up a line I really liked. Last night I was watching movie, and a woman said, “people are stars, until you get to know them, and realize they are human”. Most people that have crushes on people, usually don’t know their crush that well, or they would realize they are just as human as they are.

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