Should you “connect” with him?

Have you ever met a guy and wondered if you should connect with him?

Dating is already complicated, but the special arrangement known as Friends with benefits (also known as FWB / casual sex) is an emotional maze in itself.

Some women don’t mind waking up next to an attractive stranger they met at a party the night before. Have one No commitment situation works for them.

Other women, however I didn’t think so their FWB experience was so fantastic: they described it as “burning” and said they “felt used”.

But it’s all a matter of perspective, I say. People are simply set up to have different needs, so they do what they think is best for them.

And that begs the question: you really stand up benefits of an FWB relationship, or you better look for something long term?

A double-edged sword

With an FWB configuration, the dividing line is reduced to its potential to cause neither exceptionally high or low levels of self-esteem and general well-being.

On the one hand, women who are open to connecting find that spontaneous casual dating is just what they need. release accumulated sexual tension. This includes those who left a hard break or women who are too busy for a long-term relationship.

As for them, they get the sex they want less the headaches of a regular relationship, such as discussing the position of the toilet seat, remembering birthdays, and so on.

FWB – Friends Who Boink?

On the other side of the coin, the FWB configuration can too to put a lot of stress both parties involved, specifically when trying to express their feelings about their relationship or where they are headed.

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For some people, joining the set “Where is this going?”The discussion raises the stakes of what was supposed to be a low-stakes deal.

Then there’s the ultimate comeback proof of being casual – being great when your friend with benefits also sees someone else.

Many women thought they could handle an open deal until they found out there was another. “beneficiaries”In the picture.

How to know for sure if you should log in

Okay, it’s time for a bit search for the soul to resolve this matter. The most important thing to ask yourself is whether or not you really enjoy this arrangement.

At some point along the way, you may begin to feel uncompromising with a certain person as a task instead of something to look forward to. If this applies to you, you probably are no destined to be in a FWB setup with a guy.

But you may not have crossed the FWB line yet, and you’re still curious about the possibility …

If your cultural education (or any other aspect of your personal background) is causing you to have second reflections about casual sex (e.g., possible feelings of guilt after intercourse), chances are no to take full advantage of it.

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Plus, if he makes you wonder What it would be like to have it in your life indefinitely, it could mean that you are no Interested in not more having sex with that person.

Be honest with yourself – if you’re starting to see him as more than a casual friend in your heart, you have to be honest with your man.

As soon as possible, approach yours expectations on the table. If the connection does not materialize because you wanted to different things, then it probably is all for the best.

In the end, I can’t tell you if going to the “friends with profits” path is good for you or not.

There is a millions Factors related to how you would fare with a casual sex setting, mainly because you have a unique set of sexual values, principles, and needs.

Once you have given yourself a chance for some introspectionyou can make one clear decision to connect with a guy … or not.

But if you want something long-term, all you have to do is figure out the key to connecting with a guy.

It’s yours Connection styleand learning from them will bring many benefits such as preventing them from moving away and engaging with you forever.

The road to a lasting and fulfilling relationship begins here.

Yours in Perfect Passion,

Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/28/2021


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