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proof of engagement issues
Are you dating a guy who seems to like you, who may say he loves you, but leaves you wondering “will he commit”? Have you been waiting for someone to ask you the question for years? Maybe you’re even engaged, but not ready to set a date? To help you figure things out, I’ve developed a compromise test.

For example, a man may be attracted to you, have amazing sex with you, see you regularly, and take care of a fault, and yet deny that you are a partner! Or at the same time be secretly seeing another woman. He can fantasize with you about a future and talk about these fantasies, but he has no inclination to make it all come true. So what’s up? How do you know if you’re wasting your time with a guy who can’t commit? Commitment problem testing will help you sort things out.

Here’s what to remember: A certain level of fear of commitment is normal. When a man and a woman fall in love and are united, it is common for fears of losing one’s sense of self, space, self-identity, and unique activities and interests to arise. Both men and women have these fears.

Proof of Engagement Problems: How Do You Distinguish the Difference Between Normal Fears and Hard Core Engagement Phobia?

Here’s how. If a man’s fears are at the normal level, they don’t stop him from moving forward over time to increase intimacy and commitment. So how do you know if you have the potential to overcome your fears?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your boyfriend has an improbable engagement phobia or more normal fears that he’s willing to work. Here’s a ten-part test of engagement issues to help you answer the question: Will you commit?

The proof of commitment issues

In recent months or years it is:

1. Do you try to be thoughtful in talking about your problems and fears with yourself in an effort to deal with them and move forward?
2. Does it respond to you when it calms your fears?
3. Willingness to work on oneself by taking growth or spiritual courses?
4. Active in therapy or coaching?
5. Opening your world to friends and family?
6. Introduce yourself to people as your girlfriend or partner?
7. Sharing your physical space?
8. Do you grow in your ability to discuss what you want for your future?
9. Are you more open to discussing the next steps in your relationship?
10. Saying “I love you” more easily or sometimes entertaining thoughts or joking about committing or living together?

Proof of engagement issues: key answers

Proof of engagement problems has been shown to be accurate in predicting a man’s probable behavior. Here is what we found. If you’re moving forward in five or more of these ways, your fears are likely to be more manageable and in the normal range, and you’re interested in talking seriously with you.

If you find that you have four or fewer of the behaviors listed in the engagement problem test, your relationship is likely to close. For example, when men are very afraid to commit, they can become alcoholics, gamblers, workaholics. Others become argumentative or dominant. Others may act extremely passive or retire. The others disappear on you. Still others cheat.

In these cases, you have to remember: their fears are not about you. You can’t fix it by being the perfect person or staying with him to “prove” your love. when your partner’s fear of commitment is out of control, it is operating on an unconscious level and therefore determines the outcome of any love affair. In other words, no matter how much love you give him, he is not going anywhere.

In fact, the proof of commitment issues reveals that this type of man does not want to change. It is best to get out quickly and reduce your losses, no matter how difficult or unfair it may seem. You better leave because if you stay, you will only end up with so many lost years that you will never be able to return.


Proof of engagement issues: additional resources

Remember this: You deserve someone who is willing to overcome their fears to be with you! So test your engagement issues and finally be able to stop wondering if he will commit or when? If you have problems with a guy who can’t commit, why not take advantage of my gift for you. Have a free strategy session with one of my expert relationship coaches. You will be glad you did.

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