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Through Maclynn International, you will be introduced to exceptional singles selected for your own experienced and award-winning wedding. This, along with the psychology-driven compatibility profile, allows us to identify matches based on your personal and private profile. We have an offline network with over 10,000 members who have been selected based on their creative or artistic skills, professional achievements, philanthropy, academia, or travel experience.

Our custom wedding and dating process allows us to identify your perfect partner to have the best chance of securing a lifelong relationship. If you are a single professional working to find a meaningful, lifelong relationship in Trenton or New Jersey, we can help light that spark.

Call or email our team today to discuss your options, learn more about dating in Trenton and whether elite matchmaking is right for you.

You can learn more about why our meeting and dating site is different from any other below.

A new way to find dating in Trenton

Once you’ve spoken with one of our team members and decided that matchmaking is right for you, we’ll introduce you to your wedding and invite you to attend a private profile session. Your profile session is designed to learn more about who you are, your previous relationship experiences, and the type of person you’re looking for in a partner.

Your assigned wedding will be your favorite of all things Trenton dating. Throughout your 12 to 18 month subscription, they will become your confidant and friend. Together, you will work to find your perfect partner in New Jersey or beyond.

In the profiling session, you will be asked a series of questions that explore your religious beliefs, family values, sexual orientation, career, and anything else you think is important to help limit your search. your partner. The profiling session is designed to be enjoyable and rewarding, but ultimately understands what kind of person you are and what kind of person you are looking for. From there, your wedding will gather this information and use it to identify matches based on your core values ​​and relationship ambitions.

You can expect your profile session to last between 30 minutes and 1 hour. If there is something you don’t understand, you can ask any questions about our wedding dating service.

Maclynn International operates under the strictest level of discretion and confidentiality with respect to our customer data. Your information is only accessible to our matchmakers.

When to Match in Trenton (NJ)


Once the profiling session is over, your wedding will begin cross-referencing your profile with our private network of more than 10,000 eligible private members. It can take 2 to 4 weeks for your wedding to return to your party. If you are close to the venue, your matches will be held in the Trenton and New Jersey area.

However, if you have established your closeness to the international and have met more distant people, this is where things get interesting! You will work alongside your wedding to agree on a mutual location to meet your potential partner, this could be in Europe, Asia, Australia or a halfway point where you both agree. Your wedding will take care of the meeting, as long as you have agreed on a location

At the end of your profiling session, your partner will begin searching through our private offline network of more than 10,000 eligible single members. Depending on your proximity preferences, your wedding may return with local singles in Trenton, New Jersey or abroad. Finding a select number of matches can take 2 to 4 weeks, and your wedding will be contacted by phone or email with your matches.

When your wedding returns with your matches, you will be invited to view their profiles. If you want to go further with one or more of your matches, your wedding will arrange a meeting at the time and place you both agree on. If you’ve been dating someone far away, such as Europe, Asia, Australia, or elsewhere, you’ll be working on your wedding to arrange a mutual location to meet you. Whether it’s a restaurant in Italy, a luxury spa in Spain or a cafe on Bondi Beach, we work to your liking to ensure a memorable first date.

Ready to meet your life partner?

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If you are interested in learning more about how our experienced wedding couple can help you find love in Trenton, why not give us a call? Even if it’s just to find out if matchmaking is right for you, our friendly team will be able to determine if we’re a match.

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Frequently asked questions

Will my dating profile be visible to other Trenton singles?

No, your dating profile is only accessible to our matchmakers in Maclynn. We operate with the strictest forms of discretion and confidentiality. This level of privacy is one of the main reasons why our service is so popular in Trenton.

How is matchmaking different from online dating and dating apps?

The main difference between matchmaking and online dating is the level of specificity. While dating apps and online dating platforms allow users to feel free about their profile biography, it barely scratches the surface. Tailor-made matchmaking suits you and is designed to help you find a life partner. Our matchmaking approach combines psychological principles with personalized advice to help us identify your perfect partner.

Is your dating site suitable for all ages?

Of couse! We’ve helped hundreds of clients of all ages find love in the United States.

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