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In this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, I talk about why the intensity in the early stages of dating makes us feel so confident and well-informed. Because is Do we think we know someone so well or do we act as if we have already gained our trust? I stumbled upon the reason as I listened to Oprah and Dr. Bruce Perry’s audiobook of What Happened to You?

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5 key topics in this episode

  • I advise people who are in a painful or frustrating dating cycle or who continue to wake up on their knees in an unavailable or dark relationship to slow it down, directly, in these early stages of the relationship. This is so that they can make more informed and informed decisions that gradually highlight and break their patterns.
  • In the old days, so before the Internet, if someone called you eight times a day after meeting you at a bar, a flag would. You’d probably think they were a bully, or you’d probably record that there was something pretty intense about them that didn’t match the context.
  • Our brain deceives us believing we know them better than we do because, well, he doesn’t tell the time. If we interact with someone, for example, eight times a day, we will extend our trust as if we knew him on eight different occasions for a longer period.
  • We confuse intensity with intimacy, emotional availability, compatibility, positive chemistry, and green light to move forward. This sets the stage for disappointment, dating and then relationship anxiety, feeling cheated or chasing potential and high from the start with an emotionally unavailable or shady person.
  • Our brain continues to take shortcuts using uncontrolled bias. What we don’t recognize is that dating, especially when we encounter the same pattern and problems or variations over and over again, is largely based on stereotypes, generalizations, and conjectures. We have consciously and unconsciously stored information about who is attractive and safe, and some of these things are not only inaccurate but harm us.

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