Nicole Kidman surprises Jimmy Fallon with a mind-boggling revelation

You’ve probably found yourself in the shoes of Nicole Kidman at some point in your life. Just this week, he revealed to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show that they could have become something in 2000.

During the interview, Jimmy said they had known each other ever since, saying a mutual friend had introduced them. Little did I know that Nicole (who was single at the time) had something for Jimmy.

The look on Jimmy’s face was priceless when Nicole hit him with her romance that could have been.

Thinking it was just a casual encounter, Jimmy was practically there extinguished what could have been real sparks between him and Nicole.

When her friend took Nicole to Jimmy’s apartment, she not only took out cookies and brie cheese, Jimmy also put on a video game (reallyfriend?).

So Nicole thought just that he was not interested. Then he joked, “And I said, ‘Maybe he’s gay …'” embarrassing the host of the talk.

Even though Jimmy buried his face in his hands out of embarrassment, it was all a lot of fun.

Aside from laughing in my face, I felt a little relieved that even Famous guys make blatant (and hilarious) mistakes with women. I’ve had my own piece of shit, but not so much epic like yours!

I’m pretty sure you’ve also met a guy who misread the situation or comes off the incorrect signals.

How did you manage it when you thought your Mr. Didn’t you like Clueless, just to find out that you could have been more than just friends?

Do you think Nicole should have fallen? month tracks? Or it was Jimmy’s fault for taking it too late?

As for me, I would damn safe to bring my game To if I knew that an attractive (and more importantly, single) award-winning actress would come to MY place.

And I would be sure not to put on a video game if that actress was trying to flirt with me!

But hey, at least Jimmy can boast that he was there once, no more and no less than Nicole Kidman was interested in him. Plus, everyone to learn of our mistakes, right?

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Yours in Perfect Passion,

– Carlos Cavallo

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