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In this episode of Breathe love and magic podcast, learn about New Year’s Eve rituals, the 2022 numerology that awaits love, a charm to call to magic to manifest, and a journey to the stars.

A spiritual New Year’s celebration

Here it is: the end of another year. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to end the year Breathe love and magic podcast. But then I thought, how fortuitous. The podcast airs on Friday, which is New Year’s Eve. So I focused on bringing the new year, preparing you for about a fabulous 12 months like never before.

Today I will talk about three things. The first is the numerology of 2022. The second is a prayer or charm (as you like to call it) that I created specifically for New Year’s rituals. Its purpose is to call on power to help manifest what you want.

Last but not least, you will go on a magical journey to the stars and edges of the Milky Way, to prepare for a magical and truly spectacular 2022!

It has been a pleasure to create this podcast for you throughout 2021. I have learned a lot from doing this. Not just about putting together a decent podcast and editing the recording.

I also learned a lot from the experts who came to the show and read many of his books, opening my eyes to new ways of looking at life. I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did. Thank you very much for listening to us and for your positive reviews.

The numerology of 2022!

numerology of 2022: happy new year!Next year’s numerology has made me very curious. This is how math works: 2022 = 2 + 2 + 2 = 6.

I know one, four, eight and nine, but six is ​​a mystery. This required a bit of research and this is what I discovered.

As a result, a six-year-old emphasizes love and matters of the heart. It is about unconditional love, as well as the ability to heal, nurture, and support others and yourself.

This is a wonderful year for all kinds of collaborations, especially emotional ones. Wow! An article I read said, “When love is your motivation, you can achieve almost anything.” Yes, how exciting!

This is a good omen for 2022 and for your love life if you ask me.

About six years may be a time for reinvention, where you embark on a journey of responsibility, relationships, balance, love, and healing. You may need to learn to differentiate between love and guilt, control, obligation, attraction, fear, and even hatred.

It’s also a time to learn to be self-sufficient and take full responsibility for yourself, something smart before a love affair comes along.

About six years can also offer the power of magnetism, so be careful what you ask for or focus on! Be sure to focus only on what you DO want, not what you do NOT want, or maybe you will.

One thing that stood out was the idea of ​​seeking balance. This can be a year of ups and downs, and the more you look for balance, the better off you will be. In my opinion, this requires excellent personal care and vigilance so as not to spread too far in any direction. Take care of the number 1 that is always YOU.

What will you say in 2022?

So, have you thought about what you want to create for 2022? Maybe you want to find out if love is in your letters this year. I can help with that. A card reading might be just what you need to set your 2022 intentions.

You may want information about letters or your spiritual guides, angels, and ancestors. Choose from three different types of readings.

New Year’s Eve rituals are for the bigger things, so hopefully you have between 3 and 5 things you want to create, attract, or achieve in 2022. This podcast is for the big shots of what you expect and want , not for meticulousness.

When I mediated what to talk about and offer in this episode, the first thing that came up was the prayer, the poem, the spell, the singing, or the charm. That sort of thing has a lot of names, but it doesn’t really matter how you say it.

New Year’s charm

in which you will manifest the new yearI’ve recently discovered that every little poem and song I’ve written over the years is actually a charm. Who knew? I certainly had no idea, but I always liked to create them and, most importantly, USE them.

I’m very excited about this particular charm because I haven’t written one in a while. And this is very good. You can use it for New Year’s rituals to prepare for a wonderful year. Or you can use it when you feel the need.

I’ll tell you now, but you can download it in the first paragraph at the top of this post. There are two versions. One to say on your own and another to use with a group. This has been written as a blessing, using the pronoun “you” versus a statement that uses the pronoun “I” or I “.

The reason for this is that your subconscious can sometimes reject anything that is said with the pronoun “I” because you don’t think it’s possible. However, when you use the word “You” instead, avoid this problem altogether.

Who needs to argue with their subconscious? I do not! So, I come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun. Now I will say the prayer or the charm for you.

You are the magician

you are magicalSummoning the ancient power.
Come to you at this hour.
Dust of stars, magic, brightness and radiance
Allow yourself to be up to date.
Riding the waves, expanding and growing.
Open your heart and let the seeds sow.
Wish or wish to a star.
Magic comes from near and far,
Gathering energy and strength for you.
Bringing your dreams to life again.
Time is not important now.
You don’t even have to know how.
But look at how it comes true. Embrace it as it is made.
Because in the end you are the magician.

Download your copy here

Did you feel any moving energy as you listened? Has anything changed or opened for you? It may have opened up, expanded, or attracted power to you. Use it when you need it when you want to manifest yourself for your highest good and the good of all concerned.

New Year’s rituals

I have been doing New Year’s rituals and something spiritual to celebrate the end of a year and the beginning of a new one for over 30 years.

One year I was at a party with my friend Dawn and we had our lists of what we wanted to post and manifest. We ran to the women’s room to set them on fire and let our cravings smoke (and the ashes fall on the toilet – haha).

Again we went out into the street at midnight to do the same. We celebrated many New Year’s Eve together and always took time to think about the future and what we wanted to create.

Although in reality it is one more day like any other. There is still something magical about starting a new year. My birthday is in early January, so it’s always been the birthday season. The beginning of a new year based on my birth, not just the change in the calendar.

The journey is about to begin, so turn off or silence any alert or distraction and let yourself feel comfortable. Then click on the podcast recording at the top of the post and enjoy this fun, empowering, and magical meditative journey.

This is one of my favorite New Year’s rituals and my gift to you!

This closes the Breathe love and magic podcast for 2021. Please share it with someone you love, if you like. May you be blessed in 2022 with love, magic, good fortune and laughter.

Download your copy of the New Year’s Eve Charming Charm

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