Myths about men you should know …

Men are widely misunderstood. And there are myths about men that you should know.

Women tend to seek advice of friends when it comes to just about anything: life, career, and most especially her love life.

And ask for your opinion on what is right or wrong.

Your friends are always willing to give you advice. But what we do not do it The wonder is … Is your advice good?

Is it applicable to what you are going through? Where does your “recommendation” come from?

You should realize (and you should have at some point) that most of the time, the advice we receive and the recommendations we receive are likely to come from your personal experiences.

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Imagine when you just had one small argument with your boyfriend, you get frustrated, you call your girlfriend who just had one bad experience with its ex …

What does she tell you? “Men are all the same, you should break up with him.” And you’re left wondering, “Maybe I should …”

Researchers at University College London and Aarhus University in Denmark recruited 28 volunteers to help explain why we care what others think …

The study suggests that the area of ​​our brain associated with reward is most active when others agree and reinforce our own opinions.

“It seems that not only are some people more influenced by the opinions of others, but looking at the activity in the brain, we can tell who these people are.” – Chris Frith, Professor Emeritus of Neuroscience at the Wellcome Trust Center for Neuroimaging at UCL.

So there is one HUGE chance that this will block you with your chances of getting a MAN and keeping him.

So how do you do that prevent yourself to fall into this trap? Take a look at these home-mythswhich can give you information about what women are YET believe in men.

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HOME MYTH # 1: All men are equal.

Each of us is modeled only for our experiences and choices as we navigate life. Through these experiences, we have come to our own own beliefs, opinions: this is who we are and what we are.

So when you hear “Men are all the same,” take it out of your mind, because there are different types of men.

If you’ve experienced the same scenario with different guys, you must have met a type of man, and maybe it’s time to explore other types over there.

MYTH OF MAN # 2: If you’re still single, you must be gay

We’ve all heard it before: when we see a guy who’s still single, we walk away thinking he is crazy or gay. He is yet not with a woman, so there are must having something wrong with him.

Curious enough, the guys have one similar myth about single womenonly they can’t be dated or they’re a crazy cat lady.

(This is a topic for another article …)

If you are still single, However to believe the myth, widen your understanding.

Look at his life. Maybe he’s single because he’s that guy looking for “THE ONE.”

I you it could be that woman she is waiting per.

Not to mention all the men who may have put their dates on hold to get some things in their life.

How To Start Your Career Take a trip, maybe.

He is single perhaps because he decided to settle down first – I wanted to be financially stable, make a mark in this world or discover it who he really is and what he is passionate about.

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Let go of this flawed belief, because this could prevent you from being with the man you’ve been looking for all this time.

MYTH OF MAN # 3: He is intimidated by a successful woman

Keep this in mind – no all boys are afraid of successful and “empowered” women. This is where you can tell which ones are mature men i those who are immature.

Often a man who avoids a relationship with a woman who has a career does so for a long time practical reason: men need a woman who will he a priority.

Many men have had relationships with women who put their career first, only to discover that there was no place for it.

Similarly, a woman wants her husband to be there for her, to have moments to share and a connection to feed, a boy wants to know that he has a wife who will turn him into a important part of his life.

So if your first thought is, “It is intimidated By my side…”

Think again.

Men really are deeply attracted to a woman who has her “financial shit together” and can take care of herself. He’s just being pragmatic about what he wants in a relationship, and finally a family.

These are just a few myths about men, but these are the most perpetuated.

I am no telling you I should not go to your friends to see the perspective. Not bad for asking colleagues for advice.

But when you do, make sure you keep one open mind.

And remember that you are making a decision based on what is good for you i NO what others to think it’s good for you.

So consider your own interests and always be willing to “break away from the package” from time to time to get what you want. really to want.

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Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/27/2021

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