My husband looks at other women

It all started when you realized that your husband is looking at other women. And your jealousy has increased from here. You may have made strong accusations, started a screaming match, got angry, or made your partner pay in the bedroom. You felt justified, just; worried and sure your partner was wrong.

What you really wanted was peace and love, the glorious unconditional type. Sometimes you have it. Sometimes you didn’t. Sound familiar?

Most of us have had a few incidents with the monster called jealousy. We all know that jealousy can cause a painful heartbreak, outbursts of worry, and outbursts of control. And it can certainly lead to emotional infidelity and direct affairs. So here are 4 typical situations where you surprise your husband by looking at other women. And when you’ve finished reading, be sure to watch the video at the end where I help a reader with this problem.


My husband looks at other women: situation 1

Suppose your partner spends what appears to be a very long time laughing at the jokes of some beauties. This feeling of jealousy worried about your gut can serve to show you that your partner is desirable to you. We tend to devalue anyone who wants to be in a club that has us as members. Also, after a while of being in a relationship, the sparks tend to go out. So seeing someone validate your partner’s appeal is a good thing. Enliven the sparks you still have for your partner. That green flash in your eyes is a sign that you still care and want it.

My husband looks at other women: situation 2

You’re talking to an attractive girl and waves of insecurities and negative conversations surround you until you’re practically drowning. She has such thin thighs … my thighs are fat … She is so bubble … and I am bored. She’s soft, she knows what to say … I never seem to make her happy.

My husband looks at other women: situation 3

If you see that your partner is paying attention to someone well-groomed and fit, you may be jealous and angry. But it’s also an opportunity for you to re-evaluate your priorities like going to the gym more regularly. If you see your partner flirting with a handsome girl or boy, you may be worried that they will head to the nearest room. What do these concerns mean to you, not to your partner?

My husband looks at other women: situation 4

Your partner is paying close attention to someone, listening intently, or making eye contact. You think: I need more than that. More attention, more praise, more affection, more sex.

My husband looks at other women: the solution

So definitely work to make it a reality. When you feel jealous, think about what you need from your partner. And use a positive, direct conversation to ask for it, both in and out of bed. For example, you might say, “Dude, I’d love you to rub my shoulders and tell me how sexy my neck is.” If you feel loved and grounded in your relationship, you are less likely to become jealous. If you’ve just spent a night of passion and “I love you,” you’re handsome and someone else can’t compete!

What if you can’t reverse your jealousy?

Of course, some of us have chronic and major struggles with jealousy. In fact, if you have the same scenario that is repeated over and over again where anger and fighting continue to erupt, you may have a serious problem with the green-eyed monster. This often happens if your partner has cheated on you in the past or if you are very insecure about your attractiveness to your partner. The saga type can be lengthened with one lover after another. It turns out to choose players or people you don’t like or provoke the infidelity of good partners with your constant accusations.

Severe, chronic jealousy is a type of paranoia that destroys love. You may want to consider relationship coaching to learn how to change your jealousy. So make sure and watch the short video below where I respond to a reader’s concern for her husband to review other women.

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