Is your relationship failing?

Is your relationship failing you? Don’t know what to do?

Today’s question affects a couple of areas … most importantly: What influence does a man’s family have on him?

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Hi Carlos,

I’ve been reviewing your email and this is the first time I’ve written to someone relationship advice.

There’s a guy I’m really into love very much. We were in a relationship for almost a year. It was all amazing. He really loved me and cared for me. We were so happy together until family problems started at home and we broke up.

After our breakup, we kept in touch until one day I discovered that I had developed feelings for her best friendalthough it was no interested in him. He tried to contact me several times, but after finding out I left totally stopped talking to him.

He kept texting me and after 6 months I surrendered and responded to his message. He said, “I know I did wrong and I’m sorry.”

He says he can not stop talking to me, but we can’t be together because his family disagrees and doesn’t want to hurt me anymore.

I don’t understand what to do, as it keeps coming and going. Looks like him yet he has feelings for me as he remembers every moment we spent together but he is for the sake of commitment due to family pressures but at the same time I feel like somewhere he is still trying for the other girl who has also stopped talking to him now.

Please help !!!!

We get closer and every time I think everything is fine now, he pulls back again. I really need to know if he loves me and what I can do to get him back and regain his love and care. He’s a Balance if that helps a bit.

– Ellie



Well, I like to hear from you, Ellie … It’s a pleasure to hear that he trusted me to answer this question …

I feel like you’re probably already aware of what’s going on with him. Your perception of money is probably correct:

– He still chases this woman than he does he can not have (i it doesn’t I want it, obviously)

– He’s a little serious family issues that they have nothing (actually) to do with you

He * could * be using these “family issues” as excuse mehow some men will do it.

% name Your relationship failed?

If he wants to be with you, he will ignorant his family. But now he seems to be taking advantage of it as well convenient excuse.

The other part of this equation is that there is just so much I can do it for you in an email.

It seems like it is no working seconds cap plan or method tried to keep it from moving away from you.

What you really need is the strategy that will do it your man. It’s called: Forever Yours – The Secret Password To His Heart.

I created this program to help women like you get the results (and the man) they deserve.

It’s a complete picture of how you open your heart and stop yours endless cycle to move away.

Of course, what you are asking for is a complicated question that I can’t just reply with an email …

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Yours in Perfect Passion,

– Carlos Cavallo

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UPDATED ON 9/24/2021

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