Is that the type of relationship? Will he commit?

Have you ever wondered if he will commit to you? Is that the type of relationship?

Many women go through one common cycle: she finds a boy, she becomes totally ecstatic with happiness, but when the emotion fades and the reality settles in, she will achieve everything. serious and start asking …

  • “Where’s this going?”

  • “Is it really towards me?”

  • “Will you ever want a relationship?”

Then she begins to look at him, looking for clues as to where her heart is “all inside” or not.

Clinging to every word, watching his every move. Looking for signs where there may be none.

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And not knowing her makes her nervous. He is nervous.

She hopes he is on the same page as her. But what if it’s not?

If you are in this situation, what would you do? you do? How would you do it to know?

First, it must be understood that men are persecutors. They chase.

And that’s how he likes it.

This means that when a man is in love and willing to commit, he will chase you. He will pursue you, and nothing he will be on his way.

So even if you left, you would find a way to see you. If you do not communicate with him, he will persecute you. Send messages by pigeon messenger if necessary.

That’s how he is.

Secondremember that men are simple beings.

They don’t analyze too many things (as women often do).

So when he says he likes you, guess what? He like you.

It’s not like the world of women where every subtle nuance should be checked for hidden signals and clues that you are supposed to “get”.

What he says means. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

When he says, “I’m not a relationship boy,” then … well, he’s not.

If a guy tells you, thank you for your honesty and do not do it interpret this as meaning that you should try to change it. It will not happen.

You just don't care What kind of relationship is it?  Will he commit?

It’s hard to be in this situation, especially when there are emotions. It’s never easy to let go or decide you have to move on.

What you can do is watch for these signs to help you find out if it’s NOT the right type of relationship:

It’s not the number 1 relationship type sign – she doesn’t want to meet you anymore

If all you want to do is hang out with you in bars and clubs where there is a lot of noise and no room for conversation, then I’m not interested in building a relationship with you.

You see, when you try to build a relationship with someone, you do different activities, you talk to get to know each other, to make one connection.

Your dates should be progress, progress to get to know his friends, family, and people close to him.

If that doesn’t work, you know it is no include yourself in your present or future.

It is not the number 2 relationship type sign: He asks you for a last minute appointment

It is not planned to take you to an appointment in advance. Most of the time, going out with you is like one later thought To him.

Always remember that if a boy wants to put his heart into you, he will arrange an appointment that will show you how much he loves you.

So if you’re texting at night to meet up for a drink, or you think it’s “better than nothing,” you should be concerned that it doesn’t interest you as much as you might think. .

Learn to say no and send a message that you are no the kind of woman she owns “later thought”.

If you really like it the way you want it, then so be it looking forward to engage with you will take it as a clue raise the bet and win you over.

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It is not the relationship type sign no. 3: You are not their priority

He makes you wait for him, and he has all the excuses in the book why he can’t be with you. He will spend time with friends or busy at work or playing video games.

Basically, they are things you know this should be a second far to spend time with you.

It makes you feel like you are always their last choice. If you are doing this, you know where you are in your life.

If a guy has plans to go ahead with you, he will make a point to make them you.

If you don’t, you know where you are.

But the question is, will you allow it to treat you this way?

Or will you continue to give in and lower your limits just to avoid moving away from it?

It is not the relationship type sign no. 4: Avoid relationships-related conversations

This is as simple as it gets. If he it twists when you try to think of the “future” or talk about the big “we,” take it as a sign that you may have commitment issues.

You can keep looking for the best time to take the subject, but he will only do things distract yourself.

Anyone who intentionally strays from engagement issues is obviously not intent on committing to you.

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Whatever your reasons for your reluctance to commit, you need to remember you have the power in all this.

And even if you are in love with him, you have to understand the reality that he could May commit to you.

His heart and mind are only distracted right now.

Will your current situation be enough for you?

If you want monthand if these persistent questions in your brain constantly remind you of what is and what is not, you will need the strength of will and the strength to walk away.

Men chase. That’s what they are born do.

We all pursue those things that we really want. And this is the only sign of true desire that you should look for as a woman …

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Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/27/2021

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