Is Chemistry Really Important in a Relationship?

Is Chemistry Really Important in a Relationship? Do you have to have this “WOW” to have a good relationship?

And what is it “chemistry”? Why do you feel so evasive?

Chemistry is one natural connection between two people.

Chemistry is what unites us, as a magnetic traction which attracts us without a rational explanation.

It’s where you instantly connect with someone and you don’t know why or how it happened.

And maybe you no they want to know Because.

It’s such a powerful thing – exciting and compelling. That’s what romance novels and movies are made of … and what most women dream about.

It’s what we think of as “soul mates,” “love at first sight,” “we have to be,” and “it’s just magic!”

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Think Edward and Bella of Twilight or Romeo and Juliet. The characters were attracted to each other and he pulled our strings and made us wish the same thing would happen to us.

But the question is … does this really happen? real life? Can you really just look into a boy’s eyes and? instantly are you attracted to him

According to Albert Mehrabian, a professor of psychology at UCLA, there are three elements this explains our taste for the person …

  • 55% are done body language
  • 38% is the tone and speed of yours voice
  • Only 7% is through what they say: the real words used

An experiment conducted in Italy by Dr. Donatella Marazziti, a psychiatrist at the University of Pisa, confirmed that the initial stage of love (the phase of attraction) really changes the way we think.

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By analyzing the blood samples of 20 couples who had been madly in love for less than six months, showed that a chemical serotonin is a big factor. Serotonin acts as a neurotransmitter which transmits signals from one area of ​​the brain to another.

Which explains why you are always thinking about your man and your need to be with him all the time.

But it is chemistry important?

The answer is YES, but only during the initial ATTRACTION PHASE because this is the stage where you naturally move forward to be “connected” with it.

It is a must trigger by the starting point of to want be with him, and that I could lead to having a relationship.

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But remember that having “chemistry” it doesn’t it ensures a lasting bond with the man you want. This is where compatibility and friendship come in.

And this is the next stage after chemistry enters.

Just remember that the chemistry phase can be a challenge, because you may find yourself immersed in lust with a guy, only to find out that you are no as compatible as you thought.

But once the tentacles of chemistry have connected you, it’s a lot more difficult to break away from him. For some people, that’s the way it is too late.

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So think about yours rational brain in front – before you are too happy with him. Give yourself a chance to leave if necessary.

As they say, relationships require work. So once you have that initial attraction, you have to work hard to make it work together.

Build in good base take what you have to the next level: a a lot deeper commitment to each other.

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/27/2021

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