If you are losing hope about love

Has your heart broken? Has your love life become shit? Do you just feel like you are failing in your relationship or marriage? Or is it failing you? In fact, do you find it hard to believe in anything that really works for you? If you’re losing hope about love, I know what it’s like: I’ve been there.

When you are disappointed, abandoned, abandoned, or hurt and deceived, it feels absolutely like the midnight of the soul. Things get dark, everything looks gray and it can be hard to find happiness in anything. Sometimes you overeat, or you find it hard to eat or fall asleep.

But I want you to know that this desperate mood can be completely changed. And very fast. Even if it seems absolutely impossible to you! Today I share a new seven-step mindset change exercise that can change everything. In fact, these seven steps can take you from disappointment, darkness, despair, or despair to new hopes and possibilities. And a new happiness. I use it myself and it works. So let’s get started.

If you are losing hope about love Step 1: Choose a negative thought that is depressing you.

So let’s look at some common thoughts of self-defeat and self-sabotage like: No one wants me; I am invaluable; I will never find love because there is something wrong with me; There are no good men / women in dating apps; my husband / wife doesn’t love me; I will be alone and alone for the rest of my life.

If you are losing hope about love Step Two: Imagine your discomfort like a dark cloud

Imagine that the disappointment, discomfort, or despair associated with this thought takes the form of a dark cloud. Close your eyes and in your mind imagine the cloud.

If you’re losing hope about love Step Three: Imagine the Cloud Expands and Fades

Imagine that dark cloud expanding and dispersing. Expand and expand and getting thinner, lighter and lighter. Close your eyes and watch as the image fades as it gets bigger and bigger

If you are losing hope about love Step four: Make the cloud bigger and bigger

Imagine that the cloud is very thin and light, as it expands to the size of your city … your country…. the world. Close your eyes and see how it expands there as it gets thinner and thinner, lighter.

If you are losing hope about love Step Five: Bring the image of the cloud into space

So now imagine a cloud as big as the solar system … the Milky Way … as big as the whole universe … extending beyond the known universe. Close your eyes and take the image to space.

If you are losing hope about love Step Six: Imagine you are an observer in a completely different universe

Now, imagine that you are in a different universe. Look at the cloud and say: You are just a fiction created by my thoughts. Disappear now. Close your eyes and take this last step and watch as the cloud becomes nothing.

If you are losing hope about love Step 7: Make a new statement.

At this point, I would like you to create a positive self-affirmation like: I see all the wonderful new possibilities for me. I am free from the past and happy for the future. I find love and a life beyond my wildest dreams in a very amazing way. With the Divine all things are possible for me.

So, here are seven powerful steps to turn your despair into hope!

If you are losing hope about love: the case of Anita

Anita, one of our coaching clients, was herself a therapist at 40 years old. He was enjoying a great relationship with a beautiful woman he met on Tinder, whom he saw as his true soul mate. Unfortunately, after four months she was ghosted. Nothing. No text. Nothing. Not in vain, Anita collapsed emotionally; sitting on the couch shoveling at Krispy Kremes as he looked up. She was desperate and desperate to ever find love. But luckily, he turned to us to be a coach.

In fact, Anita’s coach made her do the seven-step mindset change exercise to get rid of the key negative thoughts and beliefs she had. For example, a widespread belief that generated despair was that she was too old at 50 to find love. Of course, she was also worried about her attractiveness (or lack thereof!). Fear of never finding love and ending up alone in a nursing home. So every time she imagined the cloud of negative mindset that had to do with negative thinking, Anita learned to expand it and make it disappear into nothingness. He then made a new statement from a new sense of freedom and personal hope.

Anita’s statements.

So feel free to use them for yourself, if it resonates with you!

Now I feel a touch of heaven that leads me to love beyond my wildest dreams.

I am in a surprisingly fantastic and enduring twin soul relationship with a fantastic guy who loves me completely forever.

Silently today attracts love

I bravely keep up the course of a lasting love that makes me happy and fulfilled in every way.

I am confident and confident that constant love forever is mine.

I am happy to say that Anita is much happier and hopeful now! And he’s back out and he’s out with two really interesting guys!

So remember this exercise, use it and be sure to get out before the miracle! But if you are losing hope about love and want to talk about your unique situation with a professional, you can have a Breakthrough-to-Love gift session by phone, Zoom or Skype with one of my Love Mentor® expert trainers. I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of it.

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