How to tell if they are hooking you up: 7 telltale signs

If you’ve read any of our app reviews or dating guides, you’ve probably come across one or two Catfish warnings. The truth is that if you are not careful and pay attention to the red flags, a catfish can be easily tricked or scammed.

We care about using online dating as a way to improve your social life and move towards a happy and engaged relationship. So we definitely want to do our best to help you stay safe on your dating trip!

With that in mind, we’ve put together this guide to help you recognize when this sexy bachelorette you’re talking to may be too good to be true.

Catfish in a pond

What does it mean to be a catfish?

If you’re talking to someone online who isn’t who they say they are, they’re somehow hooking you.

Cat fishing can reach levels. Maybe the person you’re talking to is the one they say they are, but they’re 20 years older than they say and only use old photos in their profile. It is a form of cat fishing.

At the far end, a catfish can be a person who has made a completely fake online person. You are deceived because you fall in love with the person, but the person you fell in love with does not exist.

7 Ways to Know You’re a Cat

The idea of ​​being a cat can take a lot of people away from the world of online dating. We got it! However, if you know the signs of a catfish, you can easily avoid them. Check out the 7 most obvious signs that your cat is being caught:

1. Your personal details Flip Flop like a fish out of water

Cat fishermen tend to fall into the same trap as cheaters and other regular liars, they get caught up in their own woven stories.

If your partner backs off with information, tells directly contradictory stories, or mentions personal details about their life that just don’t make sense, you have a giant. shaking. red. flag.

Catfish can be especially dangerous for their mates because they are master manipulators and gas lighters. Often, if you lie about their lies, they will relentlessly try to tell you that you are wrong or that you have misunderstood.

2. You are pressured to share personal information even after saying “No”.

Although some catfish are people who suffer from some form of mental or emotional distress and do not pretend to hurt you, many others are trying very hard to gain your trust so that they can steal from you.

If you’ve started a digital romance with someone who is constantly pressuring you to share private information, you may have a catfish in your hands.

There is a difference between asking about your background for romantic purposes and looking for too much information or asking yourself to do too much. Here are some questions a catfish can ask:

  • Will you send me money for _____? – Often the catfish will try to convince you that it is in a place of distress and needs money. They usually claim that they need money for things like emergency surgery, travel expenses, personalized fare to send you a gift, or money for a Visa application.
  • What is your ATM password / ATM password? – Some scammers will really play with the long scam for information and wait until you trust them before releasing harmless jokes like, “Oh man, I use the same password for EVERYTHING! It’s just ‘password!'” You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. your computer, phone, and other digital devices.
  • Will you send me sexy photos? Listen, we’re not guys. We know there is a time or place to have sex with your partner, even if you are long distance. However, if you think your partner is being too picky about these photos, insisting that your face be there and not accepting a no in response, they may be preparing you for a particularly nasty scam. The scammer / catfish will receive your nude photos and then blackmail you with them.

3. Your photos appear on someone else’s social media

Google has a very useful feature that allows you to search with uploaded images. If you’re looking for photos of your matches and showing results for someone else’s social media account, you need to be very careful!

4. They can’t or don’t want to make a video call with you

Video calling is a very convenient way to do these days and a popular way to feel closer to those who are too far away to visit. Many apps and dating sites even have built-in video chat software to prevent members from sharing too much personal data.

If your partner completely refuses to make a video call, this is an important red flag that hides something about their identity.

5. They always scatter when they meet in person

Similar to the problem of video calling, if your partner misses a date, cancels them at the last second, or “all in trouble with the car” all the time, you may need to keep in mind that there is a reason he doesn’t want you to see her. them in person.

6. They get angry when you ask to see them in real life

Some catfish didn’t even let him get to the point of going out to the meetings. Many may get angry and hate when you ask to meet them in person. They can say things like:

  • You know how busy I am!
  • Don’t you trust me?
  • Why are you so sticky?
  • You are being too insistent!

Not wanting to meet at the beginning of the relationship is normal and safe, but refusing to meet after establishing a committed relationship is an important red flag!

7. All your friends and family suspect them

If one of your friends doesn’t like your partner, he or she may be socially incompatible. Yes the majority some of your friends and family don’t like or trust your partner, you may need to consider that they are seeing signs that you can’t.

The cliché of pink glasses is true. We often only see the things we want, so trust your loved ones to help you stay safe!

What do I do if my cat is caught?

Do you think they are fishing for you? We are here to help!

Check out our guide on how to deal with your catfish, here!

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