How to tell if a guy is flirting with you

Would you like to know if a guy is flirting with you or just playing?

After years of training men and women, I can reveal something not so surprising …

Men and women flirt different ways.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either important because you realize it.


Because both men and women tend to think that the opposite sex will flirt with them they flirt with other people.

how to make a boy like you 4 How to know if a boy is flirting with you or playing!

It doesn’t always work as you expect, so listen …

If you to wait to see them flirt with you you will flirt againyou will be confused. And maybe you Lost in the signals he is giving you.

That’s even it more important if you are talking to him at phone or texting … or if you’re just trying to make sure it is he is not gay.

I can’t tell you how many women are chatting for a gay man who just wants to shoot the breeze.

Do you think any of these are signs that you are? flirting with you?

– Looking down and away when he does eye contact

– Play with yours hair

Laughter with you in your jokes

Well, you may be tempted to believe that all of these are signs of a guy flirting with you, but they’re actually signs of a woman flirt with a man. Yes, these are the things YOU he could do it, but a boy did no.

In fact, the only thing on this list that I would do * could * be laugh at your jokes … just because to do otherwise might seem rude.

how to flirt with a man 1 How to know if a guy is flirting with you or playing!

We also do it when we are nervous …

We also do different things depending on whether we are or not feeling insecure right now, or we are shy. The thing is, guys I don’t really know how to cover it as before.

Most guys are cute uncomfortable to talk to women, in fact. You can blame the father for not guiding him, and the over-reliance on mobile phones as an intermediary for tying.

So let’s delve into that, and I’ll show you the signs that a guy is flirting and if you have to believe what you’re seeing. These are REAL signals, not these lame the ones you usually see on the covers of magazines …

FLIRT SIGN 1: You’re boasting …

This is what most women do wrong when it comes to men. They think he’s just acting like an idiot, when in fact he’s just trying to impress you.

Yes, it is showing up at allthis is an indication that you want to find it:

– Important

– Dominant (more on this shortly)

– Attractive

Men are pre-programmed to use his status to get you interested in him.

Because? Because even though you may think you don’t care about his condition … YOU DO.

how to flirt with a boy by text message 1 How to know if a boy is flirting with you or playing!

Cream of the crop and all that …

If you are given the option of a low middle status man or a high status man, all this the same (and even if the low-status guy has more sexual appeal), you’ll probably end up more interested in the high status male.

This is a return to evolutionary processes, and back to the days when we were in tribes of only a couple of hundred people. In such a small group, you wanted to make sure you had it best opportunities for a long life, and a lot of small tribes that you could maintain and feed.

Guess how you did it?

This is correct – connecting to the the tallest manyou would have a sweet seat reserved for the cavemen of the cavemen.

At the time, high status meant “well-fed.” And today it is not far from that.

Let’s be clear right now: I am no saying all women they are gold diggers.

However, science has shown time and time again that women prefer men to men promise of the future in front of him.

how to meet a man How to know if a guy is flirting with you or playing!

We can’t help it …

In one of the most interesting studies they did, they proved it images from men to womenshowing them to various uniforms. Everything from an airline pilot to doctors, to a guy in a McDonalds uniform.

Guess who valued women the most very handsome?

CLUE: That it wasn’t the McDonalds type.

We are instinctively attracted to people who will help us maintain ours DNA in the genetic background. It’s not sexy to admit it, but now you know what’s going on under the game…

FLIRT SIGNAL 2: You’re kidding …

This is confusing for many women, who think the boy would be falling all over himself while flirting with you.

Some the boys do … but they are usually the most desperate guys. (And you can probably hear them a mile away.)

When a guy is attracted to you, you’re going to have a bad time.

It is a natural instinct for a confident boy. I have trained guys to do this, in fact, because of the effect.

Why are you kidding?

Basically because it causes this dominant / submissive game we know that so well.

You may have seen it cats playing this game. All kinds: from a tabby kitten to a lion in the Serengeti …

how to make a boy fall in love with you 4 How to know if a boy is flirting with you or playing!

It’s biology at work …

They sting at the base of the neck and fixate on each other. (And that’s also why you probably love it when a guy pulls your hair – FYI)

Teasing is the same kind status-play which allows us to find out what is chemistry between us.

When you make fun of him it doesn’t play, be careful. This guy won’t excite you, no matter how hard you try.

Remember that your instincts help you eliminate it losers. No matter how lonely you are, do not ignore they.

FLIRT SIGNAL 3: Pointing you …

The boys instinctively do a “peacock dance” when they are flirting. It starts from the first moment that catches your eye.

– He will turn his eyes, then his head, then his body towards you.

This is the first stage of attraction as it “aligns” towards you. Seva physical body first begins at calibrate with you like yours “true north” – like a compass.

how to attract men 2 How to know if a guy is flirting with you or playing!

“Soup ladies ???”

– He will turn his feet towards you when he speaks to you

This is pretty obvious, but you may not see it if you do they did not look. It will point to your toes as a sign flirting interest.

– He will point out his … male parts.

Yes, of course strange – and maybe just one a little creepy – as it is, it does. You will find ways to approach it expose or project his crotch towards you.

He will put his hands on hips with his fingers pointing to “Johnson-ville.” It will also separate your legs if you sit in front of you, or lift one leg if standing.

Don’t worry, it’s completely down SEVA level of awareness, too.

FLIRT SIGNAL 4: He’s looking at the triangle …

When we look at people we are trying to catch or “tasting” with the eyes, we make a very remarkable pattern of looks. I call that Triangle look.

We start by looking eye to eye, then to the lips, and again to the eyes. Generally several times in the same conversation.

how to please your man 3 How to know if a guy is flirting with you or playing!

Are you sorry It’s the crack of sexual tension …

This is one that women do the sameso it is worth noting.

If you want to send him a flirtation signal, be sure to draw a triangle, slowly, from eye to eye and to your mouth. You won’t miss it.

This triangle of attention gets bigger as we get older more attracted to you. We’ll look at your cleavage and even further south if we think we can get away with it.

You will notice it too flickering far more. But don’t fall for that little bit of his eyes dilating if you like. Sure, this can happen, but it is it is not a reliable sign. He may be very dark, or he may be tall. Not a reliable signal, if you ask me.

Now, as long as it is extremely useful to know where your man is in the game, that too it does not actively hurt trigger their feelings of attraction for you.

Relationship Tips for Women 3 Find out if a guy is flirting with you or playing!

Do it right and you won’t know what hit you …

If you can do that too, you have all the bases covered.

Think about it – not only can you say he’s trying to hook you up, you’ll also be sure he will. attracted enough to give these flirting signals first.

It is about creating an irresistible desire, and I’ve created a great new video to guide you.

Once you push it hard enoughit will be required to climb a rung.

It will go from being playful to flirting to being directly serious with how it really feels to you.

Here’s how to turn up the heat: CLICK HERE …

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